Gaining some perspective

12 Dec

Hey everyone.  I felt the need to put some things in perspective because the word “murder” has been tossed around in reference to things people eat.  It seems to come from this place of “self righteousness” that people who don’t eat meat think everyone should not eat meat (I’m glaring at you PETA).


Here’s me.

Photo on 12-11-01 at 4.21 PM #3

One fine mutherfucker.

It’s 9:00 in the a.m., but I am currently contemplating the sexiness of consuming a bacon, lettuce and tomato, toasted, with a side order of fries and gravy.  Just for shits and giggles, here’s a sample of what that thing of beauty would look like.

This is quite possibly the best thing ever made.

This is quite possibly the best thing ever made.

This is only a representation.

Now, here’s a mutherfuckin’ tiger.

RAWR! I'm a tiger!

RAWR! I’m a tiger!

This tiger (panthera tigris) has a lot in common with me.  Because, he’s probably contemplating a nice, juicy chunk of meat.  Quite possibly from one of the many animals he happens to be chilling out around.

The main difference between us (aside from the obvious) is that he’s gonna kill his meal with his paws, claws and teeth.  He’ll use superior body strength and keen hunting abilities to kill his prey.  And then eat it.  Like a badass.

Just like this.

Excuse me!  Do I watch you while you eat?

Excuse me! Do I watch you while you eat?

Tigers’ diets consist of animals like moose or deer, and sometimes they will take down a crocodile (because they’re badass!).  Tigers are carnivores.  They need meat to survive.  How do they get their veggies?  Well, they eat things that eat grass, grains, berries and other plant like material.

But we humans are not 100% carnivores.  We aren’t even herbivores (which are the things that tigers eat).  We’re known as omnivores.  Omnivores will supplement their diets with a combination of meat, veggies and fruit, thereby getting all of the nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates we need to keep our bodies going.

You know who else is an omnivore?

These badasses!

I am grace and beauty combined with badassery.

I am grace and beauty combined with badassery.

Foxes (vulpes vulpes) are a member of the canine family.  they’re distantly related to domesticated dogs, wolves and coyotes.  They have sharp, needle like teeth for chewing and grabbing prey.  But they don’t just stop at field mice or badgers (yes, foxes will take on mutherfuckin’ badgers for food, thus, why they are badasses!), during seasons when prey is scarce, they will forage for food.  Meaning, they will eat fruit, nuts, berries, root vegetables and even grasses to sustain their diet.

So the next time you call a human a “murderer” just for eating meat, think of those badasses, the tiger and the fox, and how they kill in order to eat.

The thing is, a diet is a diet.  How we as humans choose to eat is our own choice, not anyone else.  If you wish to be vegan, be vegan.  But do it for your own health and dietary needs, not because you believe that you are on some self righteous crusade to save animals.  There are other things which do a greater deal of harm to the natural environments of creatures such as the tiger and the fox.  Eating meat isn’t bad.  Over hunting is bad.  Inhuman domestication practices are bad.  Campaign to end certain farming practices, and attempt to find ways to change the way domesticated livestock are kept and handled.  Don’t campaign to have people change their diets.  That has economic problems, especially for those who live in poorer areas and cannot or do not have access to a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you’re thinking that just killing an animal in order to eat it is “murder” then you’re wrong.  Because based on that very narrow minded view, tigers and foxes are also committing murder when they hunt.

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