It’s beginning to look a lot like…

18 Dec

I’ve been neglectful in posting up anything here in the last little while.  Mostly because I’ve been spending a great deal of my time working to finish the upcoming Christmas issue for the newspaper.  There’s also been the need to keep warm, because it’s gotten freakin’ cold out in the past several days.


I do have new stuff coming up, and I’m working diligently on writing.  No, I haven’t given up on that, it’s just hard to write while your fingers are wrapped around a nice hot cup of cocoa.  I did manage to finally get something that caught me up with a few people.  I’ve been thinking about getting a tablet or ereader a lot lately, and for a time was swaying toward an iPad.  I finally came to the conclusion that an iPad is fine, but I wouldn’t really get the full benefit out of it that I don’t already get with a laptop.  But, I did take the plunge and get a Kindle.  Just the pocket book sized one.  I figure when I go out on long trips or even just to the beach in summer (oh, how I long for summer) I can take my Kindle and not worry about which book to take with me.  I’ll have a whole bunch of them with me at the same time.


Ah yes, it is that season, isn’t it.  That time of year when we get ready to spend with friends and family.  Christmas time.  That is, if we survive the 21st of December.  According to lunatics, this Friday is the day the planet will self destruct.  Because the Mayans said so.  You know, the ancient people who predicted the end of the world but never saw the Spanish coming.  I’m not knocking the Mayans, heavens no.  But I’m really not sure about the sanity of those who put any stock in the myth that the Mayans were some mystic people who read see the future.  Just not their own.  I fully intend to laugh at all people who believe this Friday is the apocalypse.  Granted, I’ll hold off on that until Saturday morning while I’m enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

That’s all that I have to say today.  Just letting everyone know I’m still alive, just very cold.  I had to walk to work yesterday when my car wouldn’t start.  My fault entirely, I forgot to plug it in.  I felt very much like that Grumpy cat going around the Internets lately.


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