So this is Christmas

25 Dec


It’s Christmas morning!

You can tell because I have a candy cane in my hand while I read a book on my Kindle.  It’s a little after 8 in the morning, still dark outside, and in a couple of hours I’ll make my way to Saskatoon to visit my parents for Christmas morning.

This is the first year that I can remember where Christmas didn’t creep up on me like before.  I didn’t rush around and do things, I just did stuff I needed to do.  Like yesterday, I did three loads of laundry.  I know, not exactly Christmas Evey type activity, but it was something I needed to do.

As I’ve grown older, a lot of things have come into better focus (even though my eyes continual grow weaker every year).  I hate driving long distances, I don’t like travelling, even going to Saskatoon.  I figure Elbow and the beach on the lake is a good journey for me.  Sure I’d like to travel to exotic places, but it’s not high on my list.  Mostly because I’ll probably have to take a plane and that thought terrifies me.  I hate the phone, I find it an intrusion into my life.  Though, it is necessary, and I even have a cell phone for those times that I do have to travel a great distance.

That’s stuff I hate, but the list of stuff I like has gotten better.

I’m not so down on the Kindle or other ereaders like I used to be.  I can see how it is awesome to carry around 40 or more books in your coat pocket.  The bonus: less stuff to dust.

I’ve grown comfortable in the place where I live.  I enjoy this small town and really don’t wish to move to a larger center.  Cities terrify me, after all, so I’m content living here, in Outlook.

I feel very privileged in that I wrote a book.  Sometimes I get down on my writing and find it difficult to get motivated, but I look back and realize that I actually wrote a book.  It actually is put together and there are actually people reading it, whether that be the printed version or the electronic version.  It isn’t perfect, but it’s there and it’s mine.

I have my aches and pains, but I sit back and realize life could be a lot worse for me.  And really, in the end, I just hope there’s others out there that as they grow and as they deal with the inevitability of life, that they’ll learn from it, find some way to make it easier, and get to a point where they are happy.

Social happiness is one thing, that contract the government signs when they take office to ensure that people are cared for, that’s one thing.  That’s something we all need to remind our respective governments about.  But individual happiness, that takes a lot of hard work.  For some it might come easy, others will be a little harder.  And, in a few cases, it may not come to realization until you happen to be the age of the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  Sorry, reading a lot of Douglas Adams lately.

Well, that turned rather philosophical in a hurry.  I didn’t mean that to go down that road after taking a goofy picture of myself holding my Kindle and a candy cane (which, as of this paragraph, has been devoured).  All things considered…

Happy Holidays and the best in the New Year.

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