World Building: Rocket Fox and the Procylon

08 Jan

Holy crap, it’s a new world building section for Rocket Fox!  Yes, I come up with ideas even in the midst of writing.  Which will help come second draft.  And third.  Etc.

I’ve mentioned the Vulpine and Felanus being two species on Vulpinia Prime, the main planet of this interstellar story.  But, there is another group and they’ll be featured in Chapter 13 of Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk.  As a matter of fact, there will end up being five members that will join Captain Senia Felix and the crew of the Nighthawk.  After all, a ship needs her medical staff, and needs someone to tend to the galley.

The Procylon

What exactly are the Procylon as a species?  Just look below.


That’s a happy clapping raccoon.  Raccoon’s are from the family Procyonidae, for which I coined the term Procylon.  Procyonidae includes raccons, ringtails, and coatis among others.  Raccoons go even further with the genus and species Procyon P. Iotor.  The members of the Procyonidae family, like foxes, are omnivores.  So there’s another creature you can use to dispel the argument “there are no such things as omnivores”.

For the story Rocket Fox, the Procylon are a rather secluded species that cover a large eastern continent of Vulpinia Prime.  Rarely do they leave their home, and are just integrating themselves into other cultures after centuries of segregation.  Originally, both the Vulpine and Felanus considered the Procylon untrustworthy and felt that any encounter with a member of the species would mean something would have gone missing.  It was a long held stereotype that Procylon were, in fact, thieves.

Quite the contrary, actually, as for generations the Procylon had developed a very strict culture.  After dealing with a solving their own societal problems, they came to realize that neither a patriarchal nor matriarchal system worked for them.  Unlike the Vulpine and Felanus who have both embraced a matriarchal society, the Procylon have developed what has been dubbed a mated pair society.  When Procylon mate, it’s of their own choosing, but they mate for life.  And while together, both male and female hold the same position.  If at some point in their lives one chooses to study astrophysics, the mated pair will discuss it and if both find it of interest both will enter that field of study.  It’s not unusual to find a pair of Procylon working together in any vocation.  This is even how their system of government works.  Whereas The Ocata Nation still has a monarchy, and Foxburrow has a parliamentary system, the Procylon consider themselves a Republic, and elect members to a House and Senate.  The noted thing is that citizens aren’t electing just one member to each seat in a district, but two.  Procylon law states that any member of government must be involved in a mated pairing.  Therefore, their system of government, right up to their co-Presidents, is split 50-50 male and female.  Both sexes have an equal say in the day to day running of governmental affairs.  Even their ambassadors are mated pairs.

From time to time, exceptional Procylon will seek positions among the Royal Vulpine Armed Forces deep space ships.  Recently, it’s become very valuable having Procylon on board a deep space vessel, especially doctors.  Procylonia has one of the finest medical academies in all the planet.  Many ships in the fleet have full Procylon medical staff.  Another aspect that the Procylon have done well in is diet and nutrition.  And many of the finest chefs of Vulpinia Prime have come from Procylon.

Not all Procylon go into a career as a mated pair.  Some remain single, choosing to work alone and find their own way in the world.  Many find this easier, allowing them to choose careers without long discussions with a mate.

And there you have it.  Chapter 13 of Rocket Fox will introduce this species along with four members to start, which will comprise the medical staff of the Nighthawk.

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