Writing: Rocket Fox and the Procylon Introduction

08 Jan

This write up is a quick scene in Chapter 13 that introduces the Procylon, in particular it opens up the introduction of Dr. Leonard Ringtail.

I believe it may be best to interrupt at this juncture to explain what, or who, exactly a Procylon is.

The Procylon have existed on Vulpinia Prime since the Vulpine and the Felanus. All three species evolved at the same time. The Procylon, however, were very much happy living in their own section of the planet, which occupied a large portion of the eastern most continent. They were recognizable by their short legs, round bodies, long snouts and what some described as rather beady looking eyes. Like the Vulpine and Felanus, the Procylon also had fur covering their entire bodies, and it was topped off with a rather magnificent tail, and in some way rivaled the thickness of Vulpine tails. It was big, thick, long and had intermittent black and white stripes that seemed to circle around the tail perfectly. Their faces were small, even for having such a long snout, though framed neatly by a pointed and sweeping tuft of fur that went out from the sides of their heads. Combined with their pointed ears, they rather much looked like a star.

I could go into long details about the way they look, but suffice it to say, they had the appearance of a rather sophisticated and well dressed raccoon. This fact alone may be one of the reasons why the Procylon secluded themselves for so long from the rest of Vulpinian society.

You see, for the longest time they were segregated  believed by all that Procylon were nothing better than thieves. Because of this, their society flourished on its own, without any outside influences. They weren’t even part of the Five Nations War. And it’s only been recently that rough ball was introduced to the population of Procylonia. However, in the past two hundred years, the false stigma had begun to subside, and a few Procylon elected to serve aboard ships in the Vulpine Fleet. Always, however, in pairs.

That’s one thing about the Procylon that differs from Vulpine and Felanus society. When a Procylon decides to enter a field of study, it’s almost certain so will the mate. From politicians, to diplomats, to law enforcement officials, to doctors, if a male or female decides to do something as a part of Procylon society, so will that individual’s mate. When the nation holds elections, they aren’t just electing one representative from a district, they are electing two. It is Procylon law that only mated pairs may enter political positions, that way and equal number of males and females can take part in every aspect of legislation.

From time to time, some Procylon decide not to find a mate, and strike off on their own. Those that do are either very young, or have sadly outlived their mate. The latter situation is often the hardest, because the surviving member by that time has grown accustomed to there always being someone with which to share everything.

In the case of what General Gerring and Colonel Pitts saw, they saw someone who would most likely be able to give the best assistance ever imagined. Former field medic during the Great Lupine Land War, current Dean of the College of Medicine at Procylonia’s finest institution of learning, Dr. Leonard Ringtail.

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