Black Mask & Pale Rider Poetry

18 Jan

I wrote these a while ago, and may have posted them before, but for the life of me I can’t find them.  So, here they are once again!  The Ballads of Black Mask & Pale Rider.

The Ballad of Black Mask


A swagger in her step, a hand hovering at her hip
She’ll flash a smile, a knowing wink
A calm reserve that can fool the most able
She’ll cut you down faster than you can think

“I am the fastest this world has seen”
She’ll boast with full bravado
“I am the fastest that’s ever been”
Before one can blink she’ll up and go

Quick with her witt and quick on the draw
Her goal is simple and beyond compare
Willing to fight and willing to rumble
Her eyes seem to glisten without a care

Just who is this adventurer, one might ask
A gunslinger by choice, an elf by birth
Roaming the worlds with partner by her side
She lets loose a laugh filled with joy and mirth

Born to aristocracy, she doesn’t seem to fit
In a world built in magic and towers
She became a thief seeking adventure
Planning each move in what would seem hours

Her name became legend throughout this world and hers
A claim she will lay down when opportunity arise
A boast and a brag, one would think she was a bard
Adept with a tale as though she’d change her guise

As the years would move on, she’d take on new challenges
At different times a thief, a sheriff, a marshal
With each one she’d grow, her fame ever changing
Her heart filled with cheer as a challenge would call

Many have tried to find this wild elf
Many have failed to claim her as their own
Hard to catch, even harder to tame
She’ll remain a mystery, in this world and even her home

This tale is legend, or that is true
An elven maid with her eye on a task
The legend known through the rugged west
As the outlaw known as Black Mask.

Song of the Skald


Now gather ’round an’ ‘ear me tale
It’s one o’ epic adventure
So take a seat an’ grab an ale
An’ I’ll tell it with true measure

I be a skald, a bard, a songstress
O’ that there is no doubt
I yarn ta spin wit’ fullness
Tha’ll make ye grin fer naught.

Ye’ll wish ta listen closely now
So bend close an’ keep sharp
I’ll let ye in on the why’s an how
An’ nev’r need the sound o’ a harp.

This tale be true, one ‘undred percent
Would I lie ’bout somethin’ like tha’?
So sit righ’ there, dear ladies an’ gent
An’ I’ll b’gin with a wee small chat!

I’ll brandish me pistol, draw forth me rapier
At one time I’d force wee pretties away
But t’day, the song is much more merry
A tale o’ how I came ta this place so long an’ grey!

Twas one dark night, as it always would begin
Paints a picture o’ darkness an’ forebodin’
An’ in this case be true, I swear on me pistols twin
Now let me continue b’fore this tale be erodin’!

In the valley o’ mists, through the dark trees
I found the gateway ta what I thought the great beyond
I felt the cold come through the gate, an’ thought I’d freeze
But I knew ta venture through an’ held meself strong!

‘Round here, there’s merry an’ mirth
But there in that diff’rent land
Far flung from me elven birth
Was a cruel place rule by a gun hand!

So sit yeself down an’ lend me yer ear
For I’ve a tale ta tell an’ ye’ll no’ wanna miss
It’s a harrowing yarn that could give ye fear
But I promise ’twill end with a Skald’s bold kiss.

Words by Tim Holtorf, artwork by Clarissa R. Hummel

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