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24 Jan

Adventures in winter


My car last night.  Wednesdays I always work late.  Usually I don’t get home until eight or nine.  Last night I plugged away hard and got everything I needed to get done by eight.  An hour and a half earlier I had brushed off my car and let it run a little bit, knowing it was going to be cold.  An hour and a half later, I walked outside to this sight.  My car, covered in snow.

It was snowing and windy, which made for great blowing snow.  According to Environment Canada, we’re supposed to have upwards of 25 centimeters by the end of the weekend.

I live in Saskatchewan, a region of the world where winters are very cold and summers can be very hot.  I’ve lived through winters where the over night low never rose above -40, and I’ve seen summers where the day time high was +40 (that’s 104 Fahrenheit).  And that’s not the highest, nor the coldest, the temperature has ever been in this province.  The hottest day in Saskatchewan was July 5, 1937, in Midale and Yellowgrass, Saskatchewan with a national record high of +45.  That record still stands.  The coldest temperature in Saskatchewan dates back over 100 years to 1893, when the City of Prince Albert hit a chilly -53.  That was still 10 degrees hotter than the all time record low of -63 in Snag, Yukon back in 1947. Between the record high and the record low in Saskatchewan, however, there’s a difference of 90 degrees.

But knowing all of that, it still doesn’t make the current -14 feel any warmer.

Rocket Fox


I’m getting back into it slowly.  My resolution for 2013 is to finish and edit the first book in the Rocket Fox adventures (and maybe the second, but one step at a time).  Chapter 13 is coming along nicely and Chapter 14 has a good layout to work on.  By Chapter 15, the Nighthawk herself will be introduced, so I’m quite happy.

I keep pushing back the fact that I know full well the second draft of this will require adding some extra bits to include some of the other characters who were added last minute and give them a bigger spotlight than before.  This is becoming more and more apparent ever since this story went from being about three pilots to the entire 50 person crew of an escort class battle ship.  Other things are going to need some research for the future, like getting certain things to sound right (or at least good) such as what kind of propulsion system they have, shields, fuel and so on. I do like the idea of adding an appendix at the back, however, in order to give full explanations for certain things like historical events that are mentioned (Great Lupine Land War), the different species of Vulpinia Prime, and slang terms (By the Great Mother).

One thing I am planning on doing something different which is sort of a bit of an homage to past scientists in the field of astrophysics.  But I’m planning on making anagrams out of names like Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Christian Doppler (who coined the term Doppler Effect) for special buildings, memorials and even ships.  As an example, there will be a ship that will show up soon in the story that is a science class vessel called the RVAF Oliver Cando Naid, usually dubbed “The Oliver”.  Points to anyone who can find out the anagram.  Also, the character of Nelson Tyrel will have his name changed; Nelson Ray Strigseed.  All other aspects, such as Nelson being a colonel in the Royal Vulpine Armed Forces, as well as a professor of astrophysics at Chattingham Academy, will remain the same.  More points if you can solve the anagram.

Two things to talk about, but not much else as it’s a slow week.  And really, all there is to discuss is the weather and how awesome it would be to be anywhere warm which does not happen to be here.

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