It’s my hair, dammit, not yours!

07 Feb

Today was a pretty decent hair day for me.

I know, rather self centered topic, but to be honest, my hair is a part of me, and I try to keep it looking best.  Many might not realize it, but I’ve got really long hair.  See?


The only downside with hair this long is it can get in the way when eating.  Or breathing, sometimes.  Often, it means if I ever find hair in my food, I just shut up and not complain because chances are high it’s from my head.  Which does bring about another problem; that being shedding.  I’ve got so much hair, I do find bits of it here and there throughout my apartment and at my work station at the office.

I get a lot of weird looks from some people.  Well, most people, really.  And some brave enough to comment say things like I should get it cut, that long hair isn’t dignified for a man, that I look girly with long hair.  Granted, I do get some really awesome compliments about my hair, how it looks really long and soft and vibrant (though it is getting some grey in there as can be seen above).

I’ve stopped using the excuse that I’ll have it cut off to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society to make wigs, because while it’s a good cause, this is my hair.  And if I wanna grow it out, I will, dammit!  My growth of hair has no direct or indirect relation to anyone who may happen to be in my vicinity.  Which isn’t any different to some other things that are honestly no one’s business.

Such as:

  • what a woman wears is not the determining factor of whether or not she may be promiscuous or prudish.
  • the number of tattoos an individual wears is not a mark that he or she is or ever was a member of a criminal biker gang.
  • consequently, if the person looks remotely Japanese, their wearing of tattoos does not mean they are members of the Yakuza.
  • if a person of colour happens to be buying a particular food that happens to raise jokes in relation to that person of colour, you as an observer have no right to mock or ridicule that person for their food choice.

The list of things that are no one’s business but the person doing them is endless.  Now keep in mind, if they’re murdering someone, raping someone, engaging in fraud or some other criminal activity, then that’s something completely different. But it what they do has no affect on anyone else directly, then it’s their business and nobody else’s.

So, I like my hair, thank you very much, grey and all.  And it’s no one’s business if it’s long or short.  Remember this; Samson’s strength was based on the length of his hair, and if it ever were cut short, he’d loose his strength.

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One response to “It’s my hair, dammit, not yours!

  1. Brenda

    February 7, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    I’d say shut me up if I’ve told this story before, but we won’t know until it’s already told, will we?

    My older son didn’t get his first real haircut until he was either kindergarten or first grade (I can’t remember and looking for his school pictures will be a trip into sidetrack hell) … anyway, his hair was down to his waist (to his ass when wet), and the amount of asshole remarks I got was staggering. I lost count of how many times I was informed I was making him gay by letting him have such long hair.

    I’m not at all surprised you still hear that kind of shit as a grown ass man. People suck.

    I know I say it all the time, but yeah, you’re hair is fucking awesome.


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