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12 Feb


You know you live in Saskatchewan when…

When you see a truck drive by while you’re standing outside in -5 Celsius weather and a light breeze and the driver has the window rolled down and is blasting Hank Snow on the radio.


Often, conservatives will tout themselves as the “moral right”, as though that had any real meaning.  There is no moral right, save for not being a dick to people.  Conservatives will tout their faith as the backbone of their reasoning.

Which is odd, considering most conservatives, the most vocal at any rate, will site passages from Leviticus or some such book of the Old Testament, to push forward reasons why they are against marriage equality.  Completely ignoring the fact that Christ died on the cross to nullify all of those old and outdated laws (even by Christ’s time, they were thought of as old and out dated).  Let the veil be lifted and let the old ways be no more.  Something Christ said (though, not an exact translation from the language he probably used, which wasn’t English).

Conservatives also ignore the real meaning of conservative.  That aspect of fiscal safety, not taking huge risks so there is little harm done in the future.  Thrifty spending.  Yet, conservatives are like a dude in an electronics shop on Black Friday.  Buying all of the crap they can get their hands on without actually considering the need for things that count.  ”I gotta pay rent, but I really need this big screen TV.”

Conservatives, the ones who spew their verbal diarrhea, that toxic verbage which makes no sense and makes them seem that much more ludacris, should stop calling themselves conservative.

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