Hope Springs Eternal

28 Feb


I talk about the weather a lot, I know.  It may come from my old days as a broadcast journalist (fancy title for “I used to work in a radio station newsroom” and before that “I used to be a disc jockey”).  One thing we always draw ourselves toward is one of two comments:

  1. It’s a nice day out today
  2. It’s awfully miserable today

Our mood seems to be fixated on those two points about the day.  Now, for each person a nice day might mean a really awful day for someone else.  I personally hate snow, but like hoarfrost, whereas someone else may love snow (i’m look at you, you goddamned snowmobile enthusiasts) and enjoy frolicking in it.

By now, we’ve all come to that time of year when anticipation is highest; most of us, myself included, have had it up to here with the snow and cold and we’re all just thinking “get on with it already”.  We are, after all, only three weeks away from the first official day of spring.  At least in most parts of the world.  Now we simply need to sit back and let Jack Frost and Old Man Winter out the door and usher in spring to dance her way around the place and pretty it all up (you know, because Jack and the Old Man have a nasty habit of making a mess of things).

Spring is like this awesome super lady who will come in, make things nice, and eventually give way to Summer.  Even Autumn’s not that bad, with the exception that Jack Frost and Old Man Winter aren’t too far away to make an absolute mess of things.

To be honest, I haven’t just recently been getting tired of winter.  Oh sure, I like the sight of a crisp winter morning, taking pictures of hoarfrost and sunrises, but there’s that gloom that comes with waking up on a winter morning.  It’s dark, really dark.  The sun is at least an hour or two away from getting up by the time I get out of bed.  Which is usually around 5:30 am.  Never used to be that way, me waking up at such an hour, but that’s a story for a different time.

Now, I long for spring, and that saying of hope springs eternal.  Well, I just wish it were a hopefully eternal spring.

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One response to “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. "The Light-Bearer Series" Novelist, Emily Guido

    February 28, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I need sun…not necessarily 90 degree heat. But I work at a desk all day in fluorescent lights! By this time of year I am going batty! Lots of love, Emily


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