People don’t like new things

02 Mar


They’re becoming more common in circulation now, but our money has two windows.  They’re also made of polymer not paper.  Everyone complains they stick together, forgetting that the other twenties would also just stick together.  They complain about what happens if you forget them in the wash, forgetting that the other twenties would also become rather wrecked if they went through a good washing.


In other words, when someone does something new, people just like to complain about it.  Which sort of brings me to a conversation about new stuff.


When we develop something, it’s to help with a chore that we used to do, which took longer.  Shovelling snow, for instance.  Back breaking work, unless you’ve got a really short walk.  So snow blowers were invented to make the job easier.  Fuel efficient vehicles with better safety regulations.  Communication devices such as cellphones, smartphones, and so on.  Reading tablets like the iPad, Kindle, Nook and so on.  But still with all of that stuff, people still complain.

“Oh, whatever happened to books,” people will often moan.  They still make books, but it’s a whole lot cheaper to buy a digital copy of a book than something you can stick on your shelf.  Books are just huge dust collectors.  Whereas a Kindle or iPad can contain a huge number of books on them.  Consider this; while I’d need an entire room of bookshelves to house a few thousand books (seriously, that would still be awesome) my 6″ Kindle can hold the same amount.  This cuts down on things like picking a book to take with me when I travel.  That’s a hard choice, because I often think, what if I finish the book and my travelling hasn’t ended yet.  What do I do then, buy another book somewhere?  With my Kindle, I’ve got them all, right there.  And even if I do want to buy another book, I can do that with my Kindle.

We live in a society where we like to complain about new things, always saying “back in my day” and then detailing a long list of hardships as though it made you a better person.  Well, some people who went through those hardships stopped for a moment and though “waitaminute! This is bollocks! There’s got to be an easier way to do this”.  And so, innovation was born, and that thing we did became that much easier.

I swear, we’ll eventually move onto a time when all you need is your debit card, and currency of any physical kind will become obsolete.  And at that point, people will still find something to complain about.  Same thing with phones.  Those who complain about smartphones often say that we’re more in touch but we’ve forgotten how to communicate, often pointing out that we’ve developed a whole text language and that the English language is on it’s last legs.  Not to say anything about any other language.  But that’s how language evolves.  We don’t talk like they did in Shakespearean times, and in a few hundred more years, the words we use now will most likely be considered dead.  But all of this complaining and worry is absolutely pointless.

It’s like Stephen Fry said once: Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.

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