You shouldn’t be so mean to those who are just so evil

06 Mar

I was going to use a picture of the true face of evil... but this picture of Glenn Beck crying is just as fitting.

I was going to use a picture of the true face of evil… but this picture of Glenn Beck crying is just as fitting.

We have this thing in our society, all of society really, where we’re told that it is best to be polite and kind even when dealing with someone who may be considered less than polite.  There is a problem with that, however, because it doesn’t actually make us look better.  Nothing does, to be quite honest.  We can get mad, and these people will accuse us of being raging and crazy.  We can try to be polite and have a calm conversation, and we’re accused of being passive and timid.

These people I speak of happen to be a portion of society that really feels that some people don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else.  These are the people who believe gay marriage will shred the fabric of society.  These are the people who use the term “black single mothers” when describing people on welfare or social assistance (in Canada, they often replace ‘black’ with ‘Native’, at least in some parts of the country).  Some of these individuals actually believe that the majority of science is a fraud, the most laughing of these examples is that they will often try to hold up 24 cases that shows global warming and climate change to be a myth, while there are over 13 thousand documents that refute, debunk and disprove all of those claims.  Even more of these individuals believe that the planet Earth is only 9 to 10 thousand years old, that man lived with dinosaurs, and some even believe the Earth is a flat plate resting on four elephants, resting on a turtle (I shit you not with that last one, there are still people who believe that).  These are also some of the same people who would rather regulate a woman’s uterus than guns, believing a woman making her own decisions is more dangerous than a semi automatic assault rifle in the hands of a lunatic.

Personally, I’m done being polite and nice to these people.  They’re idiots, and they should treated like idiots.  With absolute contempt.  People like Pat Roberts, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Ann Coulter aren’t just morons, however (because, they really, really are).  They’re evil.  They’re manipulative.  All they care about is increasing their own wealth.  Now in some cases they aren’t manipulating the public, in some cases they truly are idiots and we get to see just how stupid they.  Like O’Reilly’s comment about tides and no one knowing how that works.  He must not have been present that day in Grade 6 Earth Science, because that was most likely when it was covered.  The majority of the well educated populace (and even some of the not so well educated populace) know that tides have everything to do with the gravitational forces of the Sun, Moon and the Earth.  Even doing a quick Google search would find that out.  But that’s just something small in the vast three ring circus that is the far right in (not only) America (but all of North America).

While there are those who are willfully stupid, like O’Reilly, there are others who are oppressive bigots.  Like Pat Roberts.  He, just like members of the Westboro Baptist Church (which has no affiliation to actual Baptist churches in the United States), are lying and manipulative.  I hate to use Godwin’s Law, but really, if herding people into concentrations camps to be gassed was politically correct, they’d probably be all on board for that.  These are people who if given the chance would deem anyone not white, Christian (and even then, only certain brands of Christian), and male as not human and could be treated no better than cattle.  These people are evil, so let’s call them what they are.  But don’t just say it on Internet forums, say it to their faces.  Lying, manipulative, evil… all of it.

I just have one warning for these kinds of people.

Over a thousand years ago, the height of culture, education, philosophy and science was in a place called Baghdad.  That’s right, the current city of Iraq and much of the surrounding areas of the Middle East, were the cultural mecca of the world.  They had libraries, they had incredible mathematicians, they made huge discoveries in medicine, astronomy, physics, and even gave us things like Algebra, algorithm, and named two thirds of the stars in the night sky.  Belletrix, for example, is an Arabic word, and happens to be the name of a star.

About 400 years into this cultural and philosophical renaissance, an Imam decided that he needed to be more vocal about his disdain of all things scientific.  Much like the political pundits of today, he said mathematics was evil.  Oh, it had been said before, but no one really paid much attention.  But this one had a little more power and influence.  It changed the shape of the Middle East for a while.  The current situation in the Middle East isn’t indicative of that decision, much of that can be blamed on foreign policy of the United States and other NATO Nations.  However, it is something that is presently going on in North America.  Politicians, evangelical ministers, pundits and more on the right side of the political spectrum are doing everything in their power to rewrite history, demonize science and force actual junk science (like dinosaurs living at the exact same time as man) into classrooms.  That’s not the only factor that saw the fall of this philosophical age in the Middle East, but it was one of many that helped.  That doesn’t even cover the treatment of women, the segregation of different ethnic groups (as is happening in Israel and Palestine), nor does it include the outside interference of other nations from the West into the political lives of these different nations.  Pakistan, for example, is the target of a huge number of drone strikes conducted by the United States government.

All of the “moral values” of the Christian Right Wing in the West is actually the most evil, vile, bigoted and manipulative kinds of values one could think of.  If it continues, there will be no progress made.  If it continues, then true evil will win out.  It’s time to call out these people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Pat Roberts for what they are.  Evil.

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