Well, how are they different?

19 Mar

I’ve been asked this question a few times about the different characters in Rocket Fox.  How are they different?  Usually, at first I think they mean as in their character, their likes and dislikes, how they react to situations.  But no, what the question ends up meaning is what is their physical differences.

Well, aside from the obvious (there are three species, one is fox like humanoids, another is cat like humanoids and the third is raccoon like humanoids) there are some major differences in the types of “races” within each species.  The Vulpine and the Felanus so far have the most varieties, with the Procylon having very rare differences (mostly because I haven’t completely done a lot of research on raccoons).  The Vulpine are made up of different peoples, such as the Arctish, Fennesh, Kit, Auburn and Swift.  Each has a different fur colouration, while the Fennesh, who are the smallest of the Vulpine people, are known for their large ears.  With the Felanus, there is the Ocata, Lynx, Carac, Serva, Sandicia, and the Sphynx.

Of all the animals I’ve used in Rocket Fox, the Sphynx is the only cat that was purposely bred in domestication.  And, the Sphyx was a complete accident.  The first Sphyx cat was born in Toronto, Ontario, making it the only domestic cat which has it’s origins in Canada (there is the Russian Sphynx which came after the Canadian Sphynx).  The Sphynx is known for being a hairless cat.


In the world of Rocket Fox, the Sphynx are a race of Felanus who live primarily in the island nation of Mayalasia.  They call themselves Mayalans, and like the real life animal, they have no fur.  When the first Vulpine and Felanus explorers met the Mayalans, they believed the island chain to be a quarantine zone for those Felanus (believed to be mostly Sandicians) who were suffering from one of the worst diseases known across Vulpinia Prime; the Mange.  It wasn’t until much later that they realized they did not in fact suffer from Mange, but were hairless to begin with.  The Sphynx are a very curious, inquisitive and intelligent race of Felanus.  Not many join the ranks for the space fleet or the global military, but Sphynx are known for their use of the sciences.  Many of the medical breakthroughs of Vulpinia Prime began thanks to common practises with the Sphynx people.  The Sphynx are not usually known for their love of snowy climates, which may be a reason why not many join the RVAF.  One of the survival classes at any academy is to hike for three weeks during winter in the northern areas of Kanata.  Keeping warm is a very important thing during this time.

There will be a character coming up in the Rocket Fox story who will be one of the fighter pilots on board the Nighthawk who is Sphynx.  Her name will be Chloe Grivana, and she’ll be a bit of a show off, but will prove she’s more than capable of the task at hand and becomes a very valuable member of the crew of the Nighthawk.

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