When will it end?

20 Mar

Snow: This stuff is evil.

Snow: This stuff is evil.

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ~Hal Borland

Really?  It sure doesn’t feel like that lately.  What with the piles of snow all over the place.  I understand Regina has broken their 50 year old snow fall record, and Environment Canada says that we in Saskatchewan have had more snow in March than we have had all winter long.  So much for that carrot that was dangled with a promise of plus temperatures, which would have meant melting snow.  According to the forecast, today is supposed to be a high of -6 Celsius.  Which I guess is fine considering it’s currently -15 Celsius.  And it’s all the same for the rest of the week, though the seven day forecast is promising something closer to 0 early next week.

Still, I’m done, I am so done with winter, especially this one, not to say what I think about future winters.  I cringe when I hear people talk about going snowmobiling.  While they do that, I’d rather be some place warm, not looking at white stuff on the ground.  I much prefer spring and summer, even autumn.  I can do without the messiness of spring with all of the mud, but at least I have some reassurance that warm weather is coming.

It’s funny, because winter usually only lasts from about early to mid November until mid March.  Usually.  Sometimes we get an early snowfall in October, and then we have to plan costumes at Halloween that fit under snow suits.  And quite often spring doesn’t actually get here until early April, which means that rubber boots have to be kept in storage because it’s too cold to wear them.

I do long for spring, I can’t wait until the trees start budding and the grass begins to grow.  It’s my favourite time of year, because it’s a sign of hope.  Hope that this cold will go away and the warmth of summer is not far behind.  The lengthened days and ability to go outside without having to pack a small ruck sack in order to brave the elements.  It’s not just the lengthened days, because the days are getting longer, the sun does get up earlier.  But right now, when the sun gets up, it’s only a bitter reminder that there’s still a lot of snow on the ground.

I just wonder when it will all end, and hope that it’s very soon.

Done!  So done with this!

Done! So done with this!

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