Rocket Fox: The next story

05 Apr


As I’m writing the last few chapters of Flight of the Nighthawk, I’m jotting down some notes and getting some ideas for the next story.  It’ll definitely continue on from this first one, as the crew of the Nighthawk will try to uncover this nefarious plot to undermine the safety of the Vulpine Star System.  But I’ll also add some to the next story.

This first story is what I would hope the future would look like for us (even though it’s with anthropomorphized foxes, cats and raccoons), where society has ridden itself of ills, accepted equality and made even more steps toward progress.  War, disease, poverty, all eliminated in this future.  Which is nice to think of that we’ll one day move past the aspects of segregation and bigotry that we face today.  And yes, we are still facing that.  All you have to do is watch the evening news and see it.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Well, having a utopian type society to look forward to is nice, but it doesn’t really make for an overall story arc.  There are obviously dangers that the Vulpinians recognize, otherwise they wouldn’t have a military to help protect their star system.  Many of those dangers are outside forces like the Jackai raider and even the Raptory that has been hinted at.  But there’s one danger within the star system itself.

Introducing Pau Theta II.

Pau Theta II will be an original Vulpine Colony, but many of the societal changes that happened on Vulpinia Prime did not take place on Pau Theta II.  After Vulpinia Prime went through its Gender War (which will be explained in the second story) and went to a Matriarchal system, Pau Theta II gained her own independence and broke off most ties with Vulpinia Prime.  Within the last three hundred years, the Royal Vulpine Policing Authority placed a base on Pau Theta II and a maximum security prison was also placed there, but they have no jurisdiction with the citizens of the planet, nor is their location close to the main city of Rondu.

Pau Theta II’s society will be a stark contract to the clean paradise of Vulpinia Prime, and this even though the planets are right next door to one another, both orbiting the Vulpine Sun.  There is a decided difference in wealth, as Pau Theta II has kept her own currency system (whereas Vulpinia Prime has no banking system, and persay, but they do have a barter system).  There are several different sections of Rondu, which include a more affluent section which resides on one side of the river, while the poor sections are right across the river, behind a forty foot wall (this is assumed to have been built so that anyone living in the more wealthy area wouldn’t have to look at the poverty on the other side).  In this more poverty stricken area, disease, hunger, crime are all high.  Females are treated as second class citizens, even though Vulpine and Felanus are not segregated.  There is four different sections, however, which includes a Vulpine Section, a Felanus Section, a Critainian Section and a Lupine Section.  Many of the Critainians and Lupine were merchants who would find their merchant hauling ships impounded for one infraction or another.  Because Rondu and most of Pau Theta II broke off contact with Vulpinia Prime and the RVAF, a large number of those from Critainia and Lupinia found themselves in front of unfair judicial systems.  Many were jailed and released after a few years, only to find their merchant haulers were confiscated to help pay for the fines levied against them.  Usually this happened to the captain of a merchant hauler only.  The crew (which in Lupinians’ case was the family or pack) were often pushed out into the streets, told they would have to await the final decisions.  Most never heard from the judiciary body again.

During the time of the Great Lupine Land War, the “government” of Pau Theta II declared any RVAF ship found within her orbit would be considered an act of aggression.  This was ratified to make accommodation for the Main Authority and the maximum security prison.  While officers of the Main Authority can go to Rondu, they are not allowed to go into the more influential section.  They are assigned an administrator of communication should they have any of their own issues, and that same administrator reviews all communications from the Main Authority before they are sent on to Starbase Omega One.

Many in Vulpinian society know that Pau Theta II has problems, and even the global government has been trying to help change things, offering suggestions how to make relations more friendly, but the ruling powers of Rondu don’t really care about changing at all.

None of this includes the conditions which the main indigenous population of Pau Theta II has endured.

Yes, there is a native population of the planet, though they aren’t as simple and backward as some might think.  They are considered a threat by Rondu ruling class, and have branded them terrorists.  This native population is called the Chiroptera, nicknamed the Flying Foxes.  They have gained some sympathy and empathy from the poorer sections of Rondu, but the Flying Foxes have taken a longer time to feel sympathy for them.  For many Flying Foxes, they still see any Vulpine or Felanus as an invading oppressor.

So that’s some of what the next story has in store.  I realize I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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