As the next story starts

11 Apr

So sometime this weekend, Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk will have finished and the next chapter in the story will begin.  We’ve met Senia, Aria, Hardy, Clarfax, Mia, Mirri, Sparky, along with Jadda, Claudia, Bobbie, Gilbert, Philbert, Mallard, Tyrell, Collinsworth, Gerring and Pitts.  Some will be leaving behind for a while, even more will be used in future stories (don’t worry, we’ll see Jadda and Bobby again).  But as the crew launches toward Pau Theta II, there will be more characters.

While the aspect of relationships has been small (I might play them up a bit more in the second draft) and even sexuality has been slightly grazed (I’ve had a few people ask if Senia is a lesbian) there will be more obvious signs in the second story.

I’ve always said that LGBTQ characters in this universe are not looked down upon in Vulpinian societies.  They are seen as a core part of a healthy family as they love and care for each other, and they support and raise adopted kits and cubs just as any other family who has children of their own.  What is frowned upon in Vulpinian societies (though, it is becoming more accepted) is interspecies relationships.  A Vulpine and a Felanus who build a family together, for example.

This is going to be seen in the next story, with two characters.  Shauna and “Spike”, Shauna being a female Felanus and “Spike” being a female Vulpine.  They don’t hide the fact that they are a couple, as a matter of fact they seem to flaunt it in front of the ruling class of the city of Rondu any chance they get.  Naturally, they aren’t persecuted because they happen to be constables with the Main Authority.  They’ve got a lot of contacts on the surface of Pau Theta II, both in the slums of Rondu and in a region far north of the city which happens to have the largest population of indigenous species on Pau Theta II, the Chiroptera.

There is also going to be a person who is seen as a leader in the Vulpine district of the slum areas of Rondu, who fights against tyranny of the ruling class.  He does it all from a wheel chair, as he is inflicted with a bone degenerative disorder and can’t walk and has limited mobility in his limbs.  But, his mind is fresh and he’s learned how to hack the satellite defense systems and communication systems of the planet.  He’s never captured because the ruling class cannot conceive that a person with such a disorder would be able to cause such havoc in their defense systems.

He’ll be the leader of a small band of rebels who has begun their own revolution to end the disparity on the planet.  He’ll have support from several different areas, including the lead singer and band members of a rock band that plays events and venues within Rondu.  The lead singer, named Reta Herd (though it’ll be revealed that is only her stage name), will have an interesting connection off planet as it’s revealed she dodged the draft during the Great Lupine Land War.  Her sister was also drafted, and lead ground force troops during the war, and who’s second in command was a black furred Felanus.

There is also going to be Mad Addie, who is only called that by the military police of Rondu.  Addie is an older Vulpine female who seems to always be distracted and tired.  This is because she’s taken it upon herself to take in any orphans from the Vulpine and Felanus districts of the slums.  She tries very hard to make sure they are clothed and fed, and it’s believed she has over a dozen staying with her, ranging in age from 6 to 14.

Those are just a few of the new characters coming out in the next story.  Along with those, the characters of Mirri, Aria, the doctors Ringtail, and the squadron of fighter pilots will all get some major screen time in this story, along with Senia Felix.  We’ll see how it all comes together.

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