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15 Apr


As the story is two chapters away from completion (technically one, as I’ve already written the last chapter), I decided to share a couple of things with everyone.  The first is more on an inspirational note, while the second is about names of ships.

Starships were meant to fly

Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Can’t stop ‘cause we’re so high
Let’s do this one last time

It’s interesting the things I find inspiring for writing. Now, normally, I don’t listen to Nicki Minaj, but the fan video with her song that intertwined several sci fi television shows and movies along with the beat of the music was really, really good. I have to honestly say, I’ve been listening to it (not watching it) while writing up some ideas for Rocket Fox: Pau Theta II.

So far, the Rocket Fox series has been a build up to what’s coming. What’s coming is going to have a lot more action to it. From action in the city of Rondu on the plaent’s surface, to the fighter pilots lead by Left-tenant Chloe Grivana, to the actions of Left-tenant Mia Talon in the pilot’s seat of the Nighthawk herself.

I’ve even toyed with the idea of borrowing the line “starships were meant to fly” and have it being said by Aria Sharpspear or Captain Felix at some point (most likely toward the end).

Sorry for the ramble, but I just find it interesting what things can help bring out ideas when it seems the well has run dry.

A brief history of ships in Rocket Fox

With one chapter left in the Rocket Fox series (the first book), I felt it necessary to divulge the naming convention for the ships.

As it will become clear, all ships will be dubbed the name of a bird, whether that be a bird of prey or a song bird or nautical bird.  This includes the Osprey (which was originally called the Tritan), the Kestrel, the Peregrine, the Kingifsher, right on up to the Nighthawk.

On a personal note, I like birds, I find them fascinating.  Particularly birds of prey like hawks and eagles and falcons.  For the story, I added that aspect into the first attempts at flight by the Vulpinian people.

The first ship was called the Kitty Hawk (a hat tip to the location where Orville and Wilbur Wright had their historic first flight), which was the  test craft to see if it was indeed possible to create a craft which could fly.  The first passenger transport air craft (terrestrial ships) were named the Kitty Hawk after this first historic voyage.  Since then over a thousand years have passed, and the interplanetary passenger ships are named the Kingfisher class shuttle craft.

As space exploration really began to take off, the first satellites were also given some of these names.  Such as the Puffin, the Night Owl, the Gull, and the Parrot.  As massive space exploration vessels were created, they were named after larger birds, with even one getting the rather embarrassing name the Turkey Vulture (since that time, it was decided all names will be no more than one word in length, and no longer than ten letters).

As the Vulpine and Felanus began meeting hostile species in space, they had to build vessels for war, and they were given very intimidating names.  Such as the Peregrine, the Kestrel, the Falcon and the Eagle. The most recently named class of vessel in the Osprey, which is the flagship of the Royal Vulpine Armada.

There have been exceptions to this rule, as the fighter craft of the fleet is called Maverick (named for the engineer who developed the first jet engine).  With the launch of the NIghthawk, the name Maverick is no longer in use, as the Nighthawk’s fighter craft are often called the ‘Hawks, shortened version of the Nighthawk.  Another exception is many of the cargo cruisers in the Vulpine Trade Commission.  In particular, the Barrow, or as the refit is now called, the Barrow’s Revenge.  The Barrow was named after the farm and construction implement which is used to carry large amounts of material from one location to another.  The Revenge, as she is known, is refit with a hangar bay which houses the now famous Midnight Squadron of attack fighters, along with an expanded cargo bay,and forward and aft photon torpedo launchers and forward phaser cannons.

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