The Theory of Evolution and Rocket Fox

16 Apr


For years Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has been debated heavily by those who call themselves fundamental Christians (that group that believes in such cognitive dissonance).  They say there’s no real evidence of the theory, but in truth there is evidence in the theory around us all the time.  We live in a world that is evolving every day.

The funny thing about Darwin’s writings is that today, many fundamentalists say that the church (that being the Church of England) fully believed his writings were blasphemy.  In fact, they weren’t.  The Church of England fully believed that Darwin’s writings and his discovery about how life continued to evolve were in fact pretty spot on with how God worked things out on Earth and thus in the universe.  What the Church of England didn’t really grasp was the description of how nature can be extremely cruel.  But what else can you call it, especially when there are creatures, such as a wasp, that will sting a cockroach in the brain thus zombifying it, drag it to a nest (still alive), lay eggs so the larva have something to eat when they hatch.  Keeping in mind the cockroach is still alive when they hatch.  The Church of England at the time, couldn’t wrap their heads around that fact.

It’s not any different than ancient astronomers who believed that the sun revolved around the Earth.  Surprisingly, fifty percent of people in the United States today believe this to be true.  A large portion also believes that the Earth is only 6,000 years old (or 10,000, seems as though not all of them agree).  In fact, the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old.  And the universe itself is over 13 billion years old.

But let’s get back to the theory of evolution.  We do evolve.  We have evolved.  What it was we originally evolved from, I can’t say.  I’m not a scientist, I’m only someone who really enjoys reading up on these things.  My age old curiosity with dinosaurs and even some of the earliest mammals has not waned.  I remember seeing a tabloid (World News or some such thing) that announced scientists believed that dinosaurs could have evolved and become a humanoid species.  The thought intrigued me, and of course at the time (I believe I was around 9 or 10) I had come up with all of these wild imaginings of life had dinosaurs become the dominant species (or at least one breed of dinosaur in particular).  This idea has stuck with me for a long time, and is one of the reasons why I went ahead with the story of Rocket Fox.  It began with the idea that dinosaurs, or at least one of the dinosaurs, evolved into intelligent bipedal beings who managed to develop their own technology.  Naturally, this idea wasn’t new, and it’s rather ironic that in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the crew meets a species that had evolved from a particular dinosaur on Earth, then possibly escaped the cataclysm that effectively wiped out the dinosaurs.  It’s a sound theory, and one I used with the group I eventually called the Critainians.

But the theory of evolution isn’t just something that can be used for fantastic ideas.  Just look at the diverse number of creatures we have on our own planet.  Millions that live on land, sea, fly through the sky, and even exist at the microscopic level.  By some cosmic role of the dice, human beings drew the card that granted them technological advancement.  But what if somewhere in the galaxy, all the conditions are the same on some other planet, but some other species drew the card.  This is one of the thoughts behind Rocket Fox.  That foxes, lesser cats and even raccoons became dominant and learned how to create and advance their own civilizations.

In the real world, evolution does some odd things that allows a species to survive in harsh climates.  Arctic Foxes have a white coat in winter and a grey mottled coat in summer, to help hide from any predators and allow them to sneak up on them, and to keep themselves hidden while they hunt.  Crows and ravens have been known to play and even use tools.  They’ve been studied making toys that they share with others to play with.  Even bacteria and viruses evolve.

To say that evolution is utter nonsense is, well, utter nonsense.  Evolution exists.  And before someone shouts out “then how come humans and monkeys exist together now”, which I know will be one argument.  If you look closely, any species has within it several different members of the same family.  Ocelots, caracals, servals, cheetahs and cougars are all related, but they are all different.  Red fox, arctic fox, fennec fox swift fox and kit fox all are the same genus, but different species.  Yet, they are all foxes.  To a greater extent, this continues because they are all canines and related to wolves, coyotes and different domesticated breeds of dogs.  There will also be the argument that why can’t we see it.  I can only suspect that trying to watch evolution is slightly more boring than watching paint dry.  You don’t actually see results until long periods of time has happened.  For an entire species, evolution doesn’t mean you’ll wake up the next morning with something different.  It means it’ll take years in order to see a change.

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