Monday morning random times

22 Apr

random times

I had a post.  I really did.  It was fully thought out and well written and long and I was almost done and Google Chrome crashed.  Of course, I failed to do the one thing always thought of when on a computer; save my work.  Maybe if I remember what it was, I’ll rewrite it.  Maybe.

So, in lieu of that post, here’s some random stuff.

Something crappy

The crappy part really begs repeating.  Having Google Chrome crash while attempting to write a long post, nearly at the end, and you become so dejected you just don’t care about writing it again.

Also crappy:  the fact Microsoft’s internal spell checker still thinks Google is misspelled.

The Awesome and the not so

Something really awesome: Waking up at five in the morning and the sun is there to greet you as you get up.

Something not so awesome: You look at the temperature and see it’s only -9 Celsius outside.

You never realize how dusty your computer monitor is

Until you’re trying to read something and the light is hitting it in such a way where every dust mote is highlighted and then you suddenly get the urge to dust your entire house.

Gifs and memes

Seeing all of the gifs and memes based on different television shows like Game of Thrones, Community, Parks and Rec, Walking Dead, and others makes me realize that I may actually want to get cable television at some point.

But then I realize just how expensive it is and decide it’s just as easy to “watch” Game of Thrones by reading the books.

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