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26 Apr


That is a damn fine uniform.  It happens to be one of the really cool things you can unlock in Star Trek Online.  There’s a lot of things you can unlock in the game, more than just uniforms.  There’s weapons, armour, ship weapons, shields, devices to help in space and ground missions.  Naturally, as you progress through the missions and episodes of the game, new missions and episodes unlock (the main story missions are called episodes, where there’s a series of missions that focus on one arc).  If you collect certain weapons, shield and armour types together, they will unlock additional abilities to help you in combat.

The above uniform, I opened up while performing the duty roster missions (what I call XP while you are away from your computer, because you just set the mission and then walk away).  Four ranks in Diplomacy of the duty roster missions and you unlock the uniform, plus the ability to transwarp to DS9 (at the other ranks you can transwarp to Starbase 39 and Deep Space K-7), plus you get the option to have an bridge officer from an enemy faction.  I picked an Orion (I wanted a Ferasan but those are a species you have to buy in Cryptic’s C-Store… which I’ll get to in a bit).

The rankings of the Duty Roster missions.

The rankings of the Duty Roster missions.

You can also do actual missions that help to unlock ship items (weapons, shields, consoles, impulse engines and deflector) which unlock additional abilities, as well as personal shields, armour and weapons.  I managed to unlock the entire M.A.C.O set of armour, shields and weapons for M’iaa (above) which gives the ability to replenish personal shields and remodulate weapons on the fly while fighting against the Borg.

That’s all great, it takes a long time to unlock this stuff and there’s a feeling of accomplishment when you do so.

However, for as much as there is this stuff you can unlock, it’s really annoying to see how much stuff you can unlock just by buying it.  Cryptic has the C-Store, which uses real word dollars to buy in game currency.  It is a lot of in game currency, mind you, as $20 will get you about 1500 which can buy some decent things.  You can buy additional ship skins and types.  For example, M’iaa’s ship is the U.S.S. Ocelot, a Defiant Class Escort ship complete with cloaking device.  There is a Defiant Class ship you can unlock when you reach the captain’s level, but it doesn’t have the cloak.  You can even buy playable races (like Caitian and Ferasan) and certain bridge crew species (like Caitain and Ferasan).  I’ve taken advantage of that, plus I’ve taken advantage of all of the costume add ons.  This I have no issue with, because it’s a quality of life aspect to the game.  Customizing things so that you stand out in the game just a bit.

What really annoys me is one aspect of the game which manages to drop lock boxes.  These lock boxes contain special additions for your character to use.  Weapons, shields, duty rostes to complete your duty roster crew, costume pieces, and in the case of the Ferengi lock boxes, lobi crystals which can be used to buy a few other add ons.  You even have a chance to open a box with a ship (Cardassian, Jem Ha’Dar, Tholian, Ferengi, Mirror Universe ships available).  What picks at me is that the keys required to open the boxes require real world money to buy.  And they aren’t cheap.  Over 1000 in game credits to buy ten of them.  Which isn’t so bad, but at the frequency of which the lock boxes drop, it can get very expensive.

These aren’t achievements you can unlock, but achievements you can buy.  And even then, the chance of getting a ship is remote.

Costumes and ship skins I don’t mind paying for.  It’s an added bonus to the game to help make you look unique.  I do have an issue with being forced to buy keys to open boxes in order to have a chance of something really different.  What I’d suggest is keep the keys in the store, but have certain missions that will offer the chance to get a key as a reward on completion of the mission.  Make that drop rare enough, so when a player does manage to get one, it’s a real accomplishment.  If players want to shell out cash to buy keys, so be it, be at least give players the opportunity to be awarded keys in game.  Even make a key bundle of ten a reward option.

It’ll make the reward actually feel like an achievement.


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3 responses to “Achievement Unlocked

  1. Eric

    April 26, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    There are people in game who would want to trade for lockboxes. Though these rade are made behind the scenes and between friends. It comes in handy considering it can get you stuff in exchange for a chance of losing a lockbox which isn’t much hard since you can’t open it anyways.

    You can grind dilithium in game on a daily basis. This ( should help you a bit, it should help you to gain dilithium to convert to Zen points for ships and stuff.

    I agree with you on the fact that Cryptic/PWE has you buying for most of the goodies in game. But the counter argument could be that you get a ship every couple months or so which isn’t so bad.

    On uniforms and gear, I hardly check out the uniforms since the one I have is DS9 uniform under my Omega Force suit. I do pity those who didn’t jump on board earlier to grab the STF ground and space sets since it takes more than a month to get enough for at least a set of everything. I regret not using the Encrypted Data Chips back then to get more Borg space sets since I’m currently cannibalizing most of my fleet for parts. The uniforms are nice however if you plan on roleplaying or wanting to quick change, it can get as expensive as a ship.

    Congrats, Ambassador!

  2. Tim

    April 26, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    I still need to unlock the costume set for the Omega and M.A.C.O suits. I have three of the STFs done, and still need three to go. It’s the optional parts that are tricky. Infected (Space) the optional is failed almost immediately, though I’m not sure what is being done wrong. Cure (Ground) is a fifteen minute timer and it always feels like we just can’t get it done in time. Though, trying to defeat the end boss is a pain in the butt.

  3. Eric

    April 26, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Yeah, there were a lot of people who jump on board when F2P was announced and most of them who didn’t mind stayed aboard to this day (guilty as charged). Optionals for them don’t mean anything since they’ve done it. However you have a few paths to take in terms of getting the optionals and the achievements. Either play a lot to increase the chance of an optional success, join a fleet and hope they can help you, or make some friends who are willing to help you. From experience Infected (Space) is moderately difficult since most players know what to do. Cure (Ground) from my experience is DPS intensive so your best bet is that your team doesn’t lag and they have fast and powerful skills and gear. Even with that, the boss at the end will require some strategy and hopefully a smart group of people.


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