My 12 year old self

29 Apr


My 12 year old self would be really excited.

My 12 year old self would also be really impatient, because while this first series which has become a book (or, is in the process of becoming a book), it’s not done.  There’s a second series coming which will go through just as much work as this first one.  Well, not as much work.  Most of the ground work has already been laid.  In truth, while the first book started in November of 2012, the ground work started in November of 2010 when I wrote Swift Fox and the Pirates of the Jackai.  That was a NaNoWriMo project, and elements of that story will see the light of day in this revamp of the series.

One could even say that the ground work was set in motion over 30 years ago, when my 12 year old self made the star system and many of the species that are encounter in Rocket Fox.  At the time, mind you, the Vulpine were called Foxian.  I think the change in name is much better.  For the longest time, each planet and species was in the same star system, but again, that’s all changed with this new series (and the many hours watching talks on Youtube by Neil deGrasse Tyson about star systems, learning about habitable zones, reading about new interstellar discoveries and watching copious amounts of Star Trek and playing Star Trek Online).

Naturally, my 12 year old self would want pictures in the book, because while I’m an adult and read novels and wrote this as a novel, my 12 year old self was still reading some of the Wind In The Willows, Watership Down and other books that had pictures before each chapter.  Which, I will be attempting.  It’s been a long time since I drew anything, and to be honest, I could be lazy and just pay someone to draw different pictures before each chapter or character sketches, but part of my wants to do it all myself.  Though, I’ll not say no if anyone wishes to draw them for me.

The work is not done, but at least I am safe in the knowledge that the first step was taken, and it went well.  There’s still editing that needs to be done and a couple of rewrites, all the while I’ll be setting up the scenes and writing them out for series two (which will eventually become book two).

My 12 year old self would be really excited.

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