Rocket Fox – The Series

29 Apr

The first series is now complete.   After a couple of years of writing, plotting, world building, and setting up several different stories (even Swift Fox is one of those stories), the entire thing is available for download.

Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk

Vulpinia Prime.  A utopian paradise on the edge of the Lupine Sector of Space.  The third planet of the Vulpine Star System, her inhabitants take to heart their age old adage that they are meant to protect the sector from any and all threats.  For many, it is an honour to be chosen at the many Academies of science, engineering, mathematics and even the famed military colleges that dot the planet.  Rarely has there been a serious threat which the Royal Vulpine Armada has had need to deal with.  But Article 16 of the Space Exploration Charter is there for a reason.  And for many of the cadets at the Chattingham Academy, they are soon going to find out why.

Rocket Fox – Chapter One | Rocket Fox – Chapter Two | Rocket Fox – Chapter Three

Rocket Fox – Chapter Four | Rocket Fox – Chapter Five | Rocket Fox – Chapter Six

Rocket Fox – Chapter Seven | Rocket Fox – Chapter Eight | Rocket Fox – Chapter Nine

Rocket Fox – Chapter Ten | Rocket Fox – Chapter Eleven | Rocket Fox – Chapter Twelve

Rocket Fox – Chapter Thirteen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Fourteen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Fifteen

Rocket Fox – Chapter Sixteen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Seventeen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Eighteen

The Full Series – Rocket Fox – Flight of the Nighthawk

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