Star Trek Ocelot

05 May

Forward: this is completely fanfiction and has been written purely for entertainment purposes.  I do not lay any claim to the events and persons in the Star Trek Universe, however, I did create the characters found herein based on existing species found in Star Trek.  This is presented purely for entertainment purposes.  This is presented as it was written in its first draft.



Chapter One

Time Is On My Side

I have seen hundreds of timelines in my years working with the Temporal Protectorate.  Sometimes we become complacent that here in the 30th Century we’re safe.  But time can have massive ripples, especially when someone decides to take a boulder and drop it into the murky waters that are the time stream.  This is where our job comes into play.  We fix the timeline if it happens to go astray.  But there are massive side effects with changing the timeline; one wrong move and everything can be changed in a way that you never would have imagined.

I’ve seen an Earth where the Nazis won the Second World War; a time when Attila the Hun attacked and successfully sacked Rome; a time where it was Chief Powhatan that discovered Europe; or the timeline that saw India and Australia become world superpowers.  Those are just the timelines on Earth, that doesn’t even include the Vulcans, Klingons, Caitians, Trill, Andorians, Ferengi, Cardassians…

But from all of the timelines I’ve seen, in a galactic sense, there are several common factors that take place.  Events that no matter what happened in the past, there is one thing that manages to come about.  For example, the creation of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.  In each timeline, those two events always take place.  The destruction of Romulus, the disappearance of Spock.  Again, two major events that also always take place.

But among all of those events, and those four in particular, I find it amazing that two more series of events happen that brings together the crews of two very different ships.  One is a Federation vessel, Defiant Class, called the U.S.S. Ocelot.  Fitting name, considering her captain and crew.  The only vessel in Starfleet that has a complete crew compliment of Caitians.  Caitians are one of two feline species in the universe.  They are intelligent, strong willed, and strong physically.  It’s said, it’s best not to anger a Caitian.  But should you make friends with them, then you’d have one for life.  This is the type of person Captain M’iaa T’Chall is.  She is loyal, hardworking and a career officer with Starfleet.  In any timeline.  She was given command of the Ocelot, and given the opportunity to pick her own crew.  She did just that, making it the first fully Caitian crew in all of Starfleet.

The other ship is much different than the Ocelot, yet very similar.  A Puyjaq Class Raptor Escort, it is simply known as the Tigris.  Her registration has been removed after the band of pirates took it over right out of Klingon space dock.  It was soon learned that a band of Ferasan took it over and began plundering what they could, working alone and without authority.  The Ferasan are the other feline species in the universe, and they aren’t much different from the Caitians.  Unless you count their bad temper, aggression and hatred of all Caitians, plus the fact that most Ferasan have telepathic abilities.

But the Tigris and the Ocelot time and time again appear.  No matter the timeline.  And Captain T’Chall is all too familiar with Captain S’Returru.  The two have played a game of cat and mouse each time they encounter each other, with S’Returru always managing to stay one step ahead of T’Chall.  Well, this time might be one time when the two have to work together.

Because the timeline needs to be repaired in a way greater than any of us in the 30th Century could ever attempt.  We need to recruit more people, and it just so happens that the Ocelot and the Tigris fit the bill perfectly.

Now, we just have to get to them in time.

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