Writing resources and a short story (not fictional)

08 Jul

I’ll start with a resource I found on fight scenes.  BONUS: one of the links includes different descriptions of fight scenes, all against zombies.


Admin Note: This post is a rebloggable copy of our page on fight scenes. The page is being phased out, so from now on all updates will be made on this post and not on the page.

Among the typically difficult scenes writers face in their stories, the fight scene definitely ranks high on the list. Below you will find several resources with tips for writing a good fight scene.

  • Action with a Side of Zombies: One of our articles focused specifically on writing action scenes. Bonus:  the examples all include zombies.
  • ArchetypesAndAllusions: An article on the three main types of fighters and their various approaches to kickin’ ass (or not).
  • Alan Baxter, speculative fiction author, gives some great advice on characterization, setting, martial style, and cliches.
  • A PDF that takes you through writing a fight scene step by step by Randy Ingermanson, compiled by Bryce Beattie.
  • An extremely good guide to writing fight scenes. This guide includes tips on character viewpoint, mapping the fight, and tricks for writing each type of fight.
  • This site is an interview with famed fantasy author R.A. Salvatore on how to write great fight scenes.
  • TheBusinessOfWriting: C. Patrick Schulze gives some good, solid advice on identifying and writing your fight scene.
  • Marq McAlister explains how to make a fight scene pack some serious punch. This article is good for fine-tuning.
  • Martin Turner: Focusing specifically on sword-fighting scenes, Martin Turner writes in great detail on every conceivable detail of this type of time-honored fight scene.
  • Susan tells you about the three types of fight scene writers and explains how to fix the problems that arise for each type.
  • David Alan Lucus: This multi-part guide gives advice in exhaustive detail on how to write an awesome fight scene.
  • NightFoot: This Tumblr post offers some great tips for writing fight scenes.

These links provide advice specifically for writing battle scenes:

  • Gerri Blanc: eHow’s article on battle scenes is a basic step-by-step list for you. It’s a good introduction to writing battle scenes.
  • This article takes you through an in-depth guide on how to write battle scenes for fantasy stories.
  • Rhonda Leigh Jones: Jones lists some dos and don’ts of writing battle scenes.

Other resources:

  • List of Martial Arts: Looking for a fighting style? Find it here!
  • List of Weapons: Every type of weapon you can think of is listed here.
  • List of Military Tactics: From troop movements to siege warfare, this list has got you covered.
  • A few examples of awesome battle tactics from history.
  • Get some inspiration for awesome fight scenes and fighting characters from this compendium of badassitude.
  • Thearmedgentleman: Austin has offered to share his knowledge on weaponry with any writers who have questions. Thanks, Austin!

We hope this helps! If you have another link or a tip for how to write fight/battle scenes, hit up our ask box and let us know!

And now for the story.

I think most everyone has seen a picture of my lone book shelf in my house.  If not, here it is again.


It’s actually got a few more piles of books in there than it did before.  My copies of the 100 Thousand Kingdoms trilogy isn’t in there, nor are my Game of Thrones books and World War Z, R. A. Salvatore novels in Forgotten Realms and… yeah there’s other books which aren’t there.


This shelf would be a lot more crammed had it not been for an event that still sticks with me.  For whatever reason, the first time I moved to Rosetown I kind of fell in with some bad influences.  There was some stuff that they were doing that I didn’t like so I ended up going to the cops.  I didn’t care if they had a bag of weed or something like that, but there were plots on stealing cars and joy riding and essentially causing chaos and vandalizing things and making life hell for everyone.  Any plans they had were stopped, and people weren’t hurt, no cars were stolen, so on and so forth.

Their friends, however, didn’t like that.  And decided to get back at me.  I had a huge collection of books, one that rivals what I’ve got now.  A lot of the books I had I couldn’t replace.  So, I was quite upset when I found my entire collection destroyed.  All the books from Wind in the Willows, all the books in the Stephen King collection I had, including the Dark Tower Series, a copy of Rider Pride which was a history of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football club I remember bugging my parents to get me when I was 13, numerous graphic novels, and several other books that one can’t categorize.

Had I not said a word, today my book collection might be larger.  But had I not said a word, there could have been a lot of people who could have been hurt or even dead now.  As it turns out, one of the individuals who was a part of capers like these ended up dying like he lived.  A few years later when I was in Yorkton I learned that this guy got into a high speed chase with police in a vehicle he’d stolen.  Somewhere on the highway he lost control of the vehicle and rolled hard into the ditch.  From what I understand the ditch wasn’t one of those soft ditches where if you rolled, there was a chase you’d come out okay.  The ditch had a steep incline, and the person died after a couple of rolls.

Would I like my books back?  Sure, of course I’d like my books back.  But I can live with myself a bit better knowing that there weren’t other people hurt or killed thanks to the dangerous actions of a small group of others.  If those other people happen to find this and read it, and I’m talking about the ones who actually vandalized my stuff not the jerks who were going to do property damage, well I just hope you know I remember those days.  And I remember taking a lot more responsibility.

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