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12 Jul



It’s not without a touchy of irony that I go to Youtube to watch a trailer for an upcoming movie and have to sit through an ad.  Which happens to be a trailer for an upcoming movie.


Reblog! …without the text…

I love tumblr.  I love the way people can communicate, how they can like and reblog information.  It’s the best of Facebook, without the stinkin’ stupid games, the best of Twitter without the 140 character limit, the best of any blog format (WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger), all wrapped up into one.  Heck, I’ve even noticed certain blogging sites start mimicking small details that I first saw on tumblr (such as reblogging).

What I don’t like about reblogging is that the person reblogging the post has the option to delete all of the text (or edit as they wish).  Which changes the original intent of the post.  I had that happen the other day when I posted a picture and small talk about the book series that inspired Black Mask & Pale Rider.  The picture was reblogged, but all the text, including the quote from the book, was deleted.  Things like that just grate on my nerves.



It’s summer, and has been for the past several days.  We’ve seen Canada Day come and go, same with the American holiday.  Here in the middle of West Central Saskatchewan, I’m three weeks away from our two week shutdown.  I had thought about this for a couple of months what I wanted to do, and finally decided a stay-cation is in order (I don’t really like driving all that much).  So it’ll be down to the lake for a few days, with camera and Kindle in tow.  I’m thinking next year I may take a drive down east.  I’ve never been to Ontario or Quebec (or even the Maritime provinces) before and I’d like to go sometime.



Summer has brought one other thing to light around here.  Thanks to all of the moisture that stayed her from a long winter and heavy snowfalls in March, to the flooding in Alberta and the effects we’ve felt from it, there have been a higher level of mosquitoes than normal.  As one Environment Canada official said “there’s been lots of mosquito sex”.  Not a picture I wanna think about, but the result is obvious.  Mosquitoes aren’t the only problem, though.  I’ve noticed a huge number of horse flies around.  And when those suckers bite it hurts like hell!.

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