18 Jul

Harbour Golf Club at Elbow

Harbour Golf Club at Elbow

It’s just two short weeks away from my two weeks of summer holidays.

Every year around this time, my place of work has a two week shut down.  We close up, all go on holidays, and come back refreshed and rejuvenated.  This year, I plan on doing one thing; writing.  But it’s not the thing I’ll be doing that’s the interesting part, it’s the where.  Each day, I plan on writing in a different location.  I’m hoping to go sit on the beach at Lake Diefenbaker and write for a bit there.  I want to go down to the park and sit in the bowl and write there as well.  Maybe do some reading as well (yay for Kindle making book selections easy!).  I might even take photos of this activity.

There’s a reason why I don’t travel much when I go on vacation.  The longest I’ve ever traveled happens to be down to Bloomington, Indiana.  Which was a bit of an adventure driving.  I don’t intend on doing it again, even though I’d really like to head down east to Quebec and the Maritime Provinces.  I get a lot of anxiety when I drive or even if I’m not driving.  I worry about stuff at home that I really don’t need to worry about, and I constantly have to remind myself everything will be fine.  A lot of people will say that’s all in my head, which is true it is all in my head.  But saying that doesn’t change anything.  One can’t just stop worrying, it’s not like a light switch you can turn on or off.

Usually when I come back from a long trip, I get the feeling I need a vacation from my vacation.  All the planning, all the traveling, the staying at campsites or hotels, all the money spent.  All of it just so one can “relax”.  To be honest, I don’t find it very relaxing in the least.  That’s why for the past couple of years, I’ve stayed close to home and only traveled to Elbow and the beach at Lake Diefenbaker.  I’ve had people tell me I’m nuts for not wanting to go south to someplace like Florida.  Which makes me wonder if they don’t watch the news at all.  There’s maybe three or four people who I’d want to go visit in Florida, and I’m more comfortable staying here and sending text messages or emails back and forth with them.  Driving, or going by plane, train or motor scooter would completely unnerve me.  On top of that, Florida doesn’t exactly seem safe to me.  But that’s a comment for another time.  Suffice to say I feel very safe here in my lovely little town.

At some point, I may indeed venture out and see some things I’ve wanted to.  Like go to Comic Con (it’s a safe bet that I have no plans on going this year), or going to the UK (which I’ve always wanted to do, especially Scotland).  I just hope that when the time comes I’m not overwhelmed with the entire event.  Because then I won’t feel like I’m relaxing.

Well, that turned into something less than happy.  So to end it off, here’s some summertime music.

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