The move

25 Jul

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The past few days on twitter, I’ve been posting photos of things being packed into boxes.  Mostly books and DVDs, but there’s a great deal more that needs to get pushed into different boxes and some things that need to be thrown away or sold.  The reason is simple.  I’m moving.  Or at least, I will be moving.  I still need to find a comfortable and affordable apartment in my new location, which is something that will happen over the next few days.

A canola field just outside of Young, SK on the way to Humboldt.

A canola field just outside of Young, SK on the way to Humboldt.

I will be moving to Humboldt, about an hour and a half north east of Saskatoon.  I’m not moving because I want to, I’m moving because I need to.  It’s a case of economics.  Things happen in business that are often beyond the control of those who are a part of it.  In this case, the newspaper I work for isn’t making enough money to support three full time people.  So one of us has to either go to part time, or find something else.  Fortunately, thanks to the larger company that owns the newspaper, finding a new position isn’t that hard.  I’ve already gone to Humboldt and spoken with the people there.  It’s just a matter of finalizing the pay grade and going from there.

This is Highway 15 east of Kenaston.  This is actually the good part of Highway 15.  I cannot, in good conscious, call most of Highway 15 a road.

This is Highway 15 east of Kenaston. This is actually the good part of Highway 15. I cannot, in good conscious, call most of Highway 15 a road.

My work will be similar there as to what I’m doing now, except I’ll be focusing more on the actual paper instead of doing commercial printing jobs as well.  It’s kind of exciting, because there’s a lot more people that work in the office.  Humboldt itself is a much larger community.  In Saskatchewan, Humboldt is classified as a city, even though it’s about 6,500 in population.  All the shops and services are there that I need, and if there’s something that I can’t find it’s not that long a drive to the city.  Or, as I’ve found, I can always buy it online.

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There is some regret, naturally.  Along with a huge amount of anxiety.  There’s people who would embrace a move with vim and vigour, but I’m not one that likes moving.  There’s all the things that are involved in order to get yourself planted into the new place you have to go to.  Sometimes I wish that you could skip all of the stuff that’s involved in preparing to move such as finding a new apartment, getting all of the proper power, phone and so on cancelled in your old place and turning it on in your new place.  And then there’s the moving of all your things.  It’d be nice if you could have furniture like paper plates.  Just recycle them when you’re done with them, and buy a bunch of new ones when you get to your new place.

While there’s a huge amount of anxiety, there’s also a lot of excitement.  A new place to explore and possibly help recharge creative juices.  Looking toward new people to meet and new things to see.  Along with new photos to take, because honestly one can only take so many pictures of Skytrail.  It’s a lovely structure, admittedly, but I think I’ve taken enough pictures of it from many different angles.

For now, there’s still a lot of work to be done, and I still have a great deal of work at my present location.  I haven’t even left Outlook, and I find I already miss places and people here.  I’ve been living here for nine years.  In the grand scheme of things that is life, nine years isn’t a very long time.  But when weighed against the career I’ve had previously, it was a very long time.  Outlook has been a comfortable setting and an excellent place to live and work.

You have to find the positives in a move like this.  There are several to be had.  The new position I found came quickly, it was found for me thanks to the company I work for.  In Humboldt, they’re looking for someone who wants to stay long term, which I’m definitely up for.  It’s a larger working environment with more staff and opportunities to learn new techniques.  I only hope that I can live and work (and write) for as long in Humboldt as I have in Outlook.

Good grief, I’ll be 52 by then.  How the time goes by.

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