Move update

07 Aug


The old electronics are gone.

Gone are two old computers (one a Mac, the other a Windows XP machine that started giving me the blue screen of death), the old television, the VCR (which hung on since the late 80’s), an 18 disc CD changer (which lasted since the early 90’s), Altec Lansing speaker system, and a switch box that allowed me to switch from TV, VCR, DVD, and CD player with ease.  Estimated that I won’t be hauling close to 200 pounds of old electronics with me when I move to Humboldt.

Which is okay, because I’d rather not have to move all of that stuff.  The less I have to move, the better off I am.


One nice thing with clearing out the old stuff is some of the neat stuff I find. Like change!

I had an old peanut butter jar full of change, but I also found a bunch in all sorts of nooks and crannies.  Once all rolled up, I counted $115 dollars worth of change (a lot of that was pennies, you can blame me for the extinction of the Canadian penny, and other penny horders like me).


The windows and walls are perhaps the two most difficult things to clean so far (haven’t even started on the walls just yet). Actually, looking ahead, I’m thinking the floors might be just as hard, solely because I have to move the fridge and stove to clean underneath them, which will be no easy task for me.

There’s still the cupboards and the closets to clear out.  Today’s objective is phoning the Town of Outlook and finding out if there is a policy for recycling glass, because I had this habit of saving every pasta sauce jar that I used (after 9 years, that’s a lot).  Some of them are really cool and have measuring units on the sides like old Mason Jars.  There’s a few 12 ounce and 20 ounce jars, I plan on keeping three each because they make for great drinking glasses.

booksThis happens to me sometimes.  I pack up some things, get ready to move and then a couple of weeks after I’m settled… “Dangit!  I left my [insert item here] back in my old apartment!”  Now often I’d do this in the past when I’d go in to visit friends over summer holidays or Christmas.  I’d get a phone call that goes something like this:  “Tim, you forgot your curling broom and slider at our place.”  Or: “Tim, you left your hood thing from your jacket at our place.”  Or: “Tim, you left your book here at our place.”  Keep in mind, that’s not at multiple places, that’s all at my friend Pearce’s place.  I was fortunate that Pearce was able to keep a running tab of things I left behind.  Looking back, I could have left the curling broom and slider considering I haven’t curled since I lived in Melfort in 1991.

One thing that I’ve gotten rid of over the past few months has been my comics.  It didn’t come easy, but I came to realize they were basically sitting in storage and I’d rather they were actually read by someone.  I’ve been collecting trade versions of them anyway, so I may very well get my hands on those in the future.

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