Still settling in

19 Aug


So last night, just as I’m heading to bed, I took a last look at my bookshelf and thought “Ya know, I bet I could fit those books down there”.  About five minutes later, I had rearranged things once again.

I have a large collection of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, all of which used to be my Grandfather’s.  Those ones, along with the Star Trek hardcovers (all of which I found at a Value Village for two bucks each), fit neatly on the last two shelves.  I still have room for more books, and I’ve still got all my graphic novels and many of my over sized books I’d like to get arranged.

There is a lot of arranging I still need to do, such as do a huge round of laundry, get a second bookshelf, get new dvd/vcr racks to organize my movies, and do some more work in my office (to actually have a different room for my computer is nice, no arranging my living space around my internet connection).  I also want to get a TV, DVD player and a VCR (yes, because I still have tapes).

Something I do enjoy is the view from my balcony, especially in the morning when I have my coffee.  It’s not high up, but it’s nice when the sun’s rising.




Here is the view from my balcony at my new place.  It’s been a week since I moved in (Wednesday will be the first official week that I’ve been here without driving back to Outlook).

There’s a golf course across the street from me, so it’s rather quiet, save for the fact that Main Street here in Humboldt also happens to be Highway 20 (the highway runs north and south and comes into Humboldt and becomes Main Street).

Right across the street is a set of condos that are called Fairway Four Estates.  Obviously some golf references, which makes sense considering how close it is to the golf course.

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