Questions I’ve been asked about my recent move

23 Aug

You had two weeks off before you started at your new job, that must have been relaxing.

No, actually, it wasn’t.  That was, in my opinion, the worst two weeks off I’ve ever had.  There was the packing and cleaning and unpacking (some of which still has to be done) and changing numbers and hooking up power and getting the phones changed over (both my house phone and my cellphone, though the latter was painless).  All of it was completely filled with anxiety and anticipation, because while I had a place to stay, I couldn’t move into it until a certain date.  So for the first week, I lived in an apartment filled with packed up boxes.  There were two days I felt relaxed; the first day and the Thursday before I started at my new job.  That was it.

Has your first week been boring?

Anything but.  It’s been fast, as there’s been lots to do and lots to learn.  But it’s also been long, as there has been so much to learn.  While it’s no different than my old job, there are vast changes that I’ve had to learn and things that I used to do that I had to change.

Have you had the opportunity to look around Humboldt yet?

No, not yet.  I haven’t really had a chance to walk around and see the sights, so to speak.  The first weekend I was here, my parents came in on the Saturday, so I was focused on them.  The Sunday I just wanted to relax, not worry, and take some time for myself.  This weekend I plan to actually do some walking around, and pick up a few things that I need around the apartment.

How do you feel about this entire experience?

I’ve gone through this before.  I’ve had to move from one place to another over the course of my life, so it’s not something unfamiliar.  I’ve never had the comfort of living in a place as long as I had when I was in Outlook.  Now, I just hope that I can put in the work and show that I’m worthy to stay on long term here in Humboldt and then I’ll have another place where I can have a long time to live and work and play.  This recent experience has filled me with excitement for my new apartment, new job, new co-workers.  It’s also filled me with dread because I have new co-workers and there’s always an underlying feeling that I may fail when I try to show what I can do.  I just have to try and be open to new ideas and try new things.  As for the living arrangements, I’m comfortable here.  Much more so than when I lived in Outlook.  It’s probably because everything is so new, but it’s also because I seem to have a lot more space.

What next?

What next?  Just keep on living, I suppose.  I’ll get to writing and working and enjoying life here.

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