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30 Sep



That time of year has come again, when all the ghosts and goblins come out to play.  And this year, like last year, and my attempt the year before, and the year before that when I had some help, I’m planning on holding 31 Days of Ghosts once again.  Ghost stories galore, culled from various locations.  Some may be true, others may be urban legend.  I’ll leave that for you to decide.

When the day (tomorrow) dawns, I’ll post up a different story, and allow everyone to take part in any discussion whether they think the story is the truth, merely an urban legend, or if it’s completely made up (I’ll have a few tales to tell, you have to decide which I just made up off the top of my head).


Its a month away, I know, but 31 Days of Ghosts is going to actually get me primed and ready to go for the month.  I’m actually going to try and do something with these ideas I’ve had regarding Black Mask & Pale Rider.  I’ve spent the past few weeks jotting down notes, recording some lore and researching.  Hopefully it’ll all be worth it when November First kicks off.

Naturally, I’ll have to take some time for November the Fifth.


I talk about this a lot here, but it helps.  While the previous two events are coming up and I am excited for them, it’s still had.  Maybe that’s why I do my best writing in October and November, because I can focus completely on that and not on the fact that I’m an emotional wreck traveling on a roller coaster that won’t stop.  I don’t like winter, at all.  I know there’s a good number out there that would agree.  But it’s more than just the cold and snow and wind (though, those things really suck).  It’s the lack of light.  I wake up in the morning, it’s dark.  I go home from work, cook supper, it’s dark.

That’s probably why I do some of my best writing during the winter months.  I need to focus on one thing and writing helps a great deal.  The UV lamp I’ve got doesn’t hurt, mind you.

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