The Burning Bride

03 Oct

31 Days of Ghosts presents another story of the strange and mysterious.  Is it truth, myth or a fabrication?  You decide.

Many of the hotels in the Canadian Rockies have seen their fair share of weddings.  Its a picturesque backdrop, after all, that gives off a romantic feeling.  Hotels like Banff and Lake Louise are even more so, because they are built to look like castles.  Banff Springs Hotel is no different.

Built over a century ago, the hotel sits in Banff National Park and has an incredible view all around it.  Nestled in the Rockies, 415 kilometers south west of Edmonton and 127 kilometers west of Calgary, Banff Springs has been the site for many weddings over it’s history since 1888.  Modeled after a Scottish castle, Banff Springs Hotel has the look, but isn’t a castle in its own right.  Still, the location conjures up images of romance.  And, it happens to be a place where hauntings occur.

While the names aren’t important, the events are.  As stated before, weddings will often take place at the hotel.  In one section, there’s a very ornate staircase that spirals down to the main floor.  As part of decoration on this one wedding, candles were placed on either side of the staircase all the way down to the main floor.  As the wedding was about to begin, the bride appeared at the top of the stairs and began her walk to the bottom where the groom and all guests were waiting.

The day would not end happily.

While walking down the stairs, the train of her wedding dress caught fire.  Unable to put it out and with no one able to reach her in time, she burned to death.  To this day, it is recorded that there is a vision of a woman dancing on the spiral staircase that suddenly bursts into flames.

Banff Springs Hotel is reported to be a very haunted place.  For more on the burning bride and other ghosts, read some of the stories at



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2 responses to “The Burning Bride

  1. Bubba Brewster

    August 14, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    How ’bout “just west of Calgary?” Banff is way SW of Edmonton.

  2. Tim

    August 14, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    Fixed with distances. Also remember, not everyone knows locations of cities and towns. That was an error that’s now been fixed.


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