The Hitchhiker on the Roadside

08 Oct


31 Days of Ghosts presents another tale of the mysterious and terrifying.  Is it real, urban legend, or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

I’m sure this story isn’t subject to just one region.  I’m fairly certain that many different places have a tale like this.

On a lonely country road, with sparsely populated farms, anyone who is driving along may encounter a hitchhiker.  Often, the hitchhiker is a young woman, and if the driver stops the woman will explain she needs to go to one of the farms just up the road about five miles or so.  She’ll get in, maybe make some very small conversation, and after about ten minutes she’s dropped off by a farm that is well protected by a heavy treeline.

Sometimes the story changes at this point.  The driver will look back in the rear view mirror and see the woman vanish.  Not dash off into the tree line, just disappear.  Others say the driver might drive past the same farm days later only to find its very well abandoned and the tree line that looked thick and well protecting looks strangled and brambly.  There is even talk of the driver looking back in his rear view mirror and sees something strange about the woman, so they turn to get a better view.  Completely ignoring the road, they get into a fatal accident.

I’ve heard this kind of story enough times from the different places I’ve lived in.  Whether it’s true is something of debate, but often an urban legend will hold some truth to it at some point.

Roadside visitations and hauntings aren’t the only things found with a lone hitchhiker, there are other stories.  But I’ll leave those for another day.

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