The Voice

09 Oct


31 Days of Ghosts presents another tale of mystery and terror.  Is it real, urban myth, or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

In Saskatoon there’s a place in the downtown core called the Midtown Plaza.  At one time a train station, the old decor is mingled with the new structure.  To the north is an old Hudson Bay Company store and to the south is a Sears location.  Both of these are attached to the main building.  Surrounding it all is a parking lot (with the exception of the east, front entrance which faces the street).

It’s a mall, one wouldn’t think anything really odd about a mall.

That is, not until night time falls.

It’s said that at night, there are some strange sounds that can be heard.  Among the traffic sounds, police sirens, and such things, some have said they’ve heard a voice.  Not just any voice, but one that calls out their name.  It’s equally eerie when a person walks through the parking lot and hears their own name being called out, yet there’s no one there to be found.

There’s speculation that at one time long before Midtown Plaza became a mall that there was an accident.  When the train station was still active, someone slipped and fell onto the tracks and was subsequently killed by a passing train.  Others suggest that a worker involved in renovating the old station into the current mall was killed in a construction accident.

Whatever the case, there have been enough people who have said they’ve heard a mysterious voice calling out to them in the parking lot of the mall late at night.

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One response to “The Voice

  1. Greg McKee

    November 20, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    Interesting write up about Midtown Plaza but your facts are wrong. Canadian National had a train station on that site for decades but the station was completely demolished along with the entire train yard to make way for Midtown Plaza in the late 1960’s The mall was a completely new construction with no part of it being left over from the former train station. It was renovated inside to update the decor and add a second floor, and the outside was fixed up around 1990 to mimic the facade of the old train station from the early 1900’s… the ghost stories are good though!


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