Old Wives Lake

16 Oct

31 Days of Ghosts presents another story of mystery.  Is it real, myth, or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

Saskatchewan boasts over 200,000 lakes.  One of those lakes is Old Wives Lake.  Today, the dry lake bed is a ghost of it’s former self, thanks to the driest years on record evaporating the water of the alkalie lake.  But this spot holds a much more haunting legend.

Over a hundred years ago, as legend tells, three elderly Assiniboian women were attempting to escape a raiding party of Blackfoot.  They came to the lake and attempted to swim to the far shore, but tragically they drowned.

For years after and even today, it’s said that the cries of torment are heard across the water at night.

Because of this legend, the lake was always called Old Wives Lake, but at some point the name was changed to Lake Johnstone.  Until 1963, when the name was officially reverted back to the name Old Wives Lake, which kept in tradition with what many of the people called the lake.

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