The peep hole

18 Oct


31 Days of Ghosts presents another story of the mysterious and terrifying.  Is it real, myth or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

Everyone has seen the peep hole in the front door of some houses or apartments.  Even mine has a peep hole, which is a step up from my place in Outlook.

We use peep holes to see who’s on the other side of the door.  Sometimes, people play pranks by covering up the peep hole with their hand, or putting up weird pictures.  Some hotels even allow advertisers to place a small ad on the peep hole (which can be highly annoying at times).

But there is a story of a house which had the oddest peep hole.

The owner of the house was a young woman who lived there for only a few years.  She eventually sold the house after several of these rather peculiar incidents.

At first she believed it to be a prank.  Someone rushing to the door and standing there while she looked through the peep hole, then bolting away when the door started to open.  It was slightly bothersome, but not something which would draw any concern, because it didn’t happen with a high frequency.  Maybe a couple of nights a week, and that was it.  She just chalked it up to neighbourhood kids being young and annoying.

After a year, however, the interruptions became more and more frequent.  They’d started occurring once a night, and sometimes two or three times in the night.  If she didn’t answer the door, then the banging on the door would become unsettlingly violent.  For a week she went away and had a neighbour look in on her house once a day.  When she came back, the neighbour reported these strange visits, but no one was there.

It was time to pay more attention to just who it was on the other side of the door.  She knew the person would knock again, and this time she’d get a good look at whoever it was.  This would be something she’d soon regret.

One night, the knocking came again.  And this time, she took her time studying just who it was.  What she saw surprised her.

It was a man, dressed in very old attire, like something from the 1920s or 1930s.  His hat drew a shadow across his face, but she could still see his eyes.  Sunken and white, they had the look of an angry man, filled with rage.  When she didn’t answer the door right away, she saw him banging hard on the door with his fists and felt the door move as a result.  She didn’t want to open the door at all.  And this time, she heard him say something.

“I know you’re there.  Open up.  Let me back in the house!”

She backed away from the door and rushed to get the phone.  Her first instinct was to call the police, but she remembered that this had happened a large number of times and each time no one was on the other side.  So she called two of her neighbours.  All the while, the banging and shouting continued.  The door seemed as though it would come off it’s hinges.

Within minutes, two of her neighbours arrived, but the banging continued.  They had come around the back door, and felt a sudden cold in the air as they entered the house.  One of her neighbours approached the door and called out.

“We’ll call the police!”

“I don’t care!  I’ll kill you all!” was the reply.  For two more minutes the banging continued as one of the neighbours was on the phone with 911, when suddenly it stopped.  Then a much less violent knocking came at the door, followed by a different voice.  “It’s me, from next door.”  The woman looked through the peep hole and saw her third neighbour.  She looked pale as she walked into the house, but managed to describe what she saw.

As she approached from the front, she saw a shadowed figure banging away at the door.  But as she approached, the figure turned, look through the woman with a horrified glare and simply vanished.

The woman who owned the house did some digging and found out the house was once owned by a notorious gangster, who returned home one night to find his wife had changed the locks.  It was because of this unfortunate incident, that the police soon found him, and gunned him down on his own front doorstep.

He continues to this day to try to get into the house.

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  1. edmooneyphotography

    October 24, 2013 at 6:43 am

    Fascinating, thanks for sharing, 🙂


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