Don’t let the hag ride you

22 Oct

The Boo Hag by MistahWeekes via deviantart.

The Boo Hag by MistahWeekes via deviantart.

31 Days of Ghosts presents another story of horror and mystery.  Is it real, myth, or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

Many different areas of the world have their legends and folklore.  Often, those legends are mixed with regions that ancestors grew up in, with what a family currently lives in.  This is especially true regarding immigrant families who arrived in new areas seeking hope and prosperity.

So it’s no surprise that decedents of African slaves in Lowcountry regions of South Carolina and Georgia had their own legends.  One of these legends was that of the Boo Hag, which is a part of Gullah culture.

The Boo Hag is similar to a vampire, though unlike a vampire, the hag gets sustenance from the victims breath or life essence when the hag rides their victim.  This act takes place only when the victim has gone to sleep.  It was believed that someone who had a restless sleep was a victim of the boo hag.  If the victim struggles, the hag will take their skin and leave them to suffer.  The hag never killed their victims, but instead continued to use them as a source of energy night after night.  The hag would have to leave the home of the victim before dawn so they could retrieve their skin and walk among humans during the day once again.

Unlike vampire legends, a hag didn’t need permission to enter a dwelling, they just needed a small crack in the door or window in order to enter.

There is a way to combat the hag; leave a bristle broom by the bed and the hag will be compelled to count the bristles, usually taking them until dawn to do so.

This legend brought about a common saying between people who were retiring for the evening.  Don’t let the hag ride you.  Which isn’t much different than don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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One response to “Don’t let the hag ride you

  1. corianne

    October 23, 2013 at 11:51 am

    The hag is a fairly common feature in many folklores, as she represents a way for people to explain the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs when you mind is awake but you body is asleep–as opposed to sleep walking, where the body is awake, but the mind is asleep.

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis, and even knowing what was happening, it was a terrifying experience. No wonder people associate it with ghosts, demons, vampires and the like!


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