The Medusa

23 Oct


31 Days of Ghosts takes a turn at monsters.  A story of legend that’s shown in a way that is often different than one has heard before.

We are all familiar with the Medusa in one way shape or form.  The tale is one of a woman who curses those who look upon her by turning them to stone.  In myth, Medusa was a beautiful woman who was cursed with snakes for hair by Athena.  Athena then dispatched Perseus to slay her, giving him a mirrored shield to help him in his quest.

But there are some things which are often left out.

Medusa was beautiful, but she was assaulted by Poseidon, raped in fact.  Instead of putting Poseidon on trail for his own crime, it was Medusa who in fact suffered.  Her beauty became twisted, snakes became her hair, her form changed to become more serpentine, and anyone who looked into her eyes was immediately turned to stone.

There is a difference between the Greek and Roman myths.  In the Greek myth, there is more sympathy for Medusa (though, not as much as she deserved), while the Roman myth sets her up as a complete monster.

The real monster, in fact, was most likely Athena and Poseidon.  With a little help from Perseus.

This is how legends are often turned.  Sometimes the story gets twisted until what once began is replaced with a monster.

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