Alone (My Own Safety)

21 Nov

There are times I prefer the company of my own thoughts

Drifting lazily from idea to idea

Listening to the quiet surrounding me

And realizing it can sound so loud

You can be alone and never feel lonely

There’s a joy in that feeling of solitude

No one to push or prod you or to make demands

Just peace, serenity, calm, and quiet

There’s also times you can be in a crowd

And in that moment you can feel completely alone

Intimidated by the fast flow of the crowd

It can bring about strong anxiety

Do I feel lonely?

Sometimes, yes.

Sometimes I wish I had a companion to hold, to talk to, to dream with

Someone who would share in the odd and quirky things I find interesting

But I also like my aloneness

I revel in the beauty of having my own place

No one else there

No one that comes into my space

I share my thoughts, my ideas, and my time with others

In the growing population that lives in cyberspace

Connected through wires, tubes, and thousands of miles

We see each other how we want to be seen

We can share in a place of complete safety

We can live together without interfering

No making movements that seem to intrude

Not unless we allow the others to come into our own space

I can remain alone, but still connected

Because through that aspect I feel safe

Never admonish someone because they find safety in a place with no physical parameters

Celebrate that they have found a place that they feel safe

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