22 Nov

Buzz buzz buzz
4:30 am
Hit snooze
Roll over and grumble
Seven minutes roll by
Buzz buzz buzz
Wash, rinse, repeat

Phone alarm sounds
Just as the alarm clock goes
Not fully awake
Hit snooze on each
Lay back for a minute
Realize I have to get up
Heavy sigh and push the blankets back

Weekday routine is always the same
4:30 to 5:30
That quiet time before dawn
In the inky black of winter
Even on weekends
I rise to darkness
Up before the sun crests the horizon

The want to curl back up
Absorb the warmth
Be in that safe place
Is overwhelming
But not today
Today I have to walk away from it
Get ready to face the world

The want for a weekend
When no alarms sound
I rise when the feeling comes
To be in that place of warmth and safety
There’s no 4:30 alarm
No sudden, jarring awake
No buzz buzz buzz

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Posted by on November 22, 2013 in Writing


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