Waiting for the Moment

22 Nov

Waiting for the moment
As the clock ticks along
Just sitting, waiting
And hoping

It’s just one day
Only a few hours
There’s work to be done
Things that will come up

Waiting for the moment
That moment when you need to go
That time when you need to move
When that comes, steel yourself

It’s sometimes the hardest
When that moment arrives
You stare at it and wonder
Should I really do this

Waiting for the moment
That moment of relief when it’s all done
Staring into the long hands of time
Hoping that it will miraculously speed up

But time doesn’t
It doesn’t speed up or slow down
It just is
And we move with it

Waiting for the moment
Is sometimes the most hardest thing to do
It’s difficult
It’s nerve wracking

It’s that longing for the day to be over
It’s that wish that you can sink into the safety of your own world
It’s that hope that you survive another day
It’s that want of safety and your own kind of happiness

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Posted by on November 22, 2013 in Writing


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