29 Nov


Seconds pass quickly when you sit in the dark
The constant ticking of clock like a spark
Listening for the morning call of the lark
As you sit all alone in the dark

Minutes stretch to hours when you walk in a crowd
Every sound you make seems to so very loud
As tension, anxiety hangs above like a cloud
As you struggle to make your way through the crowd

The only council is that moment of time
When you can sit in your room and hear the drop of a dime
Alone in solace where your thoughts can climb
With the tick of the clock as it helps pass the time

Evening comes and there is a lifting of weight
As you feel your muscles relax, it feels great
Allowing your body to stop a nervous shake
Nothing feels better than removing such weight

To bed early and early to rise
And once more to prepare for a more public guise
As you steel yourself as the minutes do pass
All thoughts you might think as you begin to rise

Time is an interesting friend and foe
It will move quickly, and even move slow
But each step it takes is one that will grow
Time is really your friend, not really your foe

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Posted by on November 29, 2013 in Life, randomness, Writing


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