The Valkyries and the Furies (Erinyes)

07 Dec

The Ride of the Valkyrs (1909) by John Charles Dollman

The Ride of the Valkyrs (1909) by John Charles Dollman

I’ve been expanding and detailing the world of the elves that I made.  The place where Shani, Pania, Wren and Abisayo come from.  That world mirrors our own because the stories of the elves come from Earthly stories.  The elves themselves will come from every background and culture.  Just two of those cultures will be Norse and Greco Roman.

The Nordician elves are based on the Norse myths.  One of those myths is about the Valkyries, the warrior women who would take those deserving in death to their final reward in Valhalla.  In the world of the elves, based on the book Black Mask & Pale Rider, the Valkyries are shield maidens who protect the realm of Nordicia, one of the dozens of elven nations.  They are made up of women from across the nation, who come together to protect their realm from all forms of evil and treachery.  The Valkyrie, just like other Nordicians, are tall, stout women, trained for battle.  Most have fair skin, but there are those who’s fore parents have migrated to Nordica from other lands.  An example would be Petra Tigerclaw, whose parents were originally Yoruba.  But because Petra was born in Nordicia, she grew as tall and strong as other Nordicians.  Another example would be Frigg Elva Xanthe, second daughter to the king and queen of Strombru.  Taken in by Heinrich and Hildegaar after Frigg Elva’s parents were killed by orcs, Frigg Elva is a Muharanian elf (Arabic).  Like Petra, Frigg Elva has grown just as tall and strong as her sister, Avalona.

The Valkyries are ferocious fighters, and have a vow to never give quarter and fight to the last.  Many are adept at healing magic and will use that to heal their comrades in battle so they will continue the fight.  Others are adept at natural magic, turning the very land itself against their enemy.

Further south of Nordicia, on the edge of the vast Sea of Seven Bridges, rests the Greco-Roma Empire.  They call themselves Myst Elves.  With pure white hair and dusky blue skin, they are based loosely on the dark elves of Forgotten Realms.  The Myst elf nation has a system of government that is similar to that of many city states in Ancient Greece, which is unique in the world of the elves.  However, like Nordicia, the Myst nation has their own protectors; the Erinyes or the Furies as sometimes they are called.

The Furies, unlike the Valkyrie, are women warriors of vengeance.  While they vow to protect the lands of the Myst elves, they are unpredictable.  They seek also to meet out vengeance and wrath upon any who deserve it.  Their armour and weapons are black with silver trim to match the likeness of their hair and skin.  They fight in formation of the Greco-Roman ranks.  Front lines carry shields and act as a defensive barrier to archers in the back.  But when lines meet the enemy, they are ferocious.  Expert at hand to hand combat and sword and shield, they are also adept at many of the darker magiks.  The highest ranking officers of the Furies are necromancers, and often will raise the recently slain on the field of battle to join the fight with the remaining ranks.  It doesn’t matter to them which bodies they use, though they have a particular glee when raising the body of a slain enemy, and turning them against their former allies.  Lower ranks use a combination of evocation spells and illusions.  The commonly used evocation is fire and ice based spells.  Either burning or freezing their enemy as they cut a swath through the bodies with their swords.

Because the Furies are trained to meet out vengeance, even the populace of the Myst nation is not safe from them.  Should someone in one of the many cities of the Empire become corrupt and deal out ill will towards one or many others, it is very likely they will be visited upon by a pair of Furies.  The end result, it is said is a fate worse than death.  As such, it is believed that the government made it law to have two Furies as the personal body guards to the Emperor.  To protect him, but also to ensure that his decisions are met with wisdom and for the best of the populace.  Should he stray from that, he would surely meet death at the hands of his own body guards.

These are a couple of the ideas for world building that I’m working on, as I’m planning on writing a series of short stories about this world of the elves.

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