Slight redesign

14 Dec


I’ve done a major facelift to one of my pages at my wordpress blog.  That’s been to the Canyons of Steel page (which seriously needed it).  It is now the Heroic League page, and will contain everything I have written in that super hero universe (which includes Canyons of Steel).

It will contain pdf downloads of stories, bios of characters and a lot more.  Cruise over to The Heroic League Page.

Each of these is a link to a pdf.  Just give it a click and download to your computer to read at your leisure in your pdf reader.

A lesson in life | Cayons of Steel | Flag on my Backpack Pt1 | Flag on my Backpack Pt2

I have also added character bios and a new one which happens to be for the character of Ari (Canad-ARMED), an android created by Stewart Industries and young engineer Nikki Hargrove.  Plus, there’s pictures of each character bio.  Here’s the one for Ari.



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