Heroic League: Canadienne Bio

16 Dec

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting biographies that will be included in the Heroic League Project page.


Dominique (Dom) Turgeon as the electrifying Canadienne.

Dominique (Dom) Turgeon as the electrifying Canadienne.

Real Name: Dominique Turgeon
Born: July 1, 2986, Laval, Quebec
Affiliations: Blanc Noir (independent metal band)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 125 lbs
Powers: extensive martial arts training, gymnastic abilities, and can rock out on any guitar placed in front of her
Current residence: Montreal, Quebec
All Dominique wanted to be since she was a child was the lead guitarist of a rock band.  But she knew of her father’s exploits as Canadien, and as fate would have it, she would share in his legacy.  When she was sixteen years old, her best friend, Yves, was beat up by a bunch of punks.  She raced home, demanding her father put on the uniform again and go after them.  After a great deal of debate, it was finally decided that Dom should take up the mantle of Canadien.
Since then, Dominique has found ways to balance her private life, public life in a metal band, and her life as a vigilante.  It isn’t always easy, but she does manage to do it.  It became much better when she told her bandmates and her girlfriend Michelle that she lead this dual life.

More biographies coming soon.


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