Having a laugh

22 Dec


I’ve been finding lately (actually, it’s been going on for a while) that when I’m down a good laugh helps a great deal.  So I’ll watch panel shows from BBC on Youtube.

QI is a big one, because they’ll have different guests who have some great conversations about the quite interesting facts that come up.  Stephen Fry is a great host for the program, and Alan Davis is a brilliant fall guy on the panel to have week to week.  I also enjoy some of the regulars that are on Like Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Ross Noble, Phill Jupitus, Jimmy Car, Rich Hall, and David Mitchell.  There are many others that have appeared on the show, but in general its the very interesting facts and conversations that come up, along with the improve that happens.

From there, I’ll search for many of the comedians who have appeared on QI, watching their stand up shows, and laughing along at the punchlines and stories.  Russ Howard is one of a few I’ve watched.  David Mitchell’s programs and monologues I’ve had the chance to watch as well as old sketch comedies with Stephen Fry.

But laughing has helped a great deal during the dark days of winter.  So the old Reader’s Digest pages is right; Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

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