Heroic League: Free Spirit II Bio

23 Dec

Free Spirit IIfree spirit 2000s
Real Name: Yolanda Morgan
Born: September 17, 1982, Shreveport, Louisianna
Affiliations: Ravenport City Police Department
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 175 lbs
Powers: Mystic abilities, able to cloak herself, shift her molecules to phase through walls, can produce psychic blades
Current residence: Ravenport, Maine
Yolanda Morgan is the third youngest of the Morgan children.  While she is a practiced voodoo priestess, she went to college to study forensic sciences and psychology.  Both of these she felt would give her a good resume for the career she wanted, which was in law enforcement.  She began college young, almost as young as her younger sister Chelsea.  Yolanda entered university at the age of 16 (Chelsea was 15, and earned a Masters in Law by the age of 20).  When Yolanda entered college, she also began dating.  It didn’t last long, though, as her boyfriend skipped town when she announced she was pregnant.  Her pregnancy didn’t deter her from her studies, and she graduated at 24 with a degree in psychology and a degree in forensic studies.
After a few years, she moved to Revenport, Maine to be with her sister Chelsea, who was the assistant district attorney for the City of Ravenport.  Yolanda became a detective for the Ravenport City Police Department.
During her work, she noticed several strange cases, and found that the normal mode of investigation wasn’t going to work.  Knowing her sister Regina once was the costumed hero Free Spirit, she chose the mantle and began to investigate crimes using it, joined by her sister who had taken the name the Bowhuntress.


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