Heroic League: Mannequin III bio

23 Dec

Mannequin IIImannkin2000s
Real Name: Elanor Wollcott
Born: April 15, 1986, Brighton, East Sussex, England
Affiliations: Personal secretary for Donelda Stewart
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115 lbs
Powers: Hand to hand combat training, gymnast level ability, keen eye for detail, excellent hearing
Current residence: Vancouver, British Columbia
Elanor Wollcott was born into a family that traditionally had acted as diplomats and liason for governments and industrialists. The Wollcott name was well known as being competent arbiters with a non-biased opinion. It wasn’t surprising when Elanor’s older sister Maxine, became the personal secretary for Stewart Industries in Canada. As Elanor began her education, her sister Marianne disappeared. It wasn’t until years later when Elanor had replaced Maxine as the personal secretary for Derrik Stewart that she found out Marianne had joined an ultra secret organization called the Sisterhood.
Upon Derrik’s death during the event that was caused by the criminal known as Trinity, Elanor became the personal assistant for Donelda Stewart, Derrik’s mother and the first Mannequin. It was while in Donelda’s employ that Elanor began to show an interest in the history of the Mannequin, comparing the differences between Donelda and Derrik. Donelda saw this as an opportunity to train her own replacement. With hands on guidance, she could be the person that she couldn’t be for her own son, and help Elanor be a Mannequin for a new generation.


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