The year that was, Part 2

29 Dec

I guess I wasn’t finished, really.

I mentioned that I wrote a lot of really bad poetry (I think it’s bad, but if someone read it and liked it, then I’m glad that you did, I think I could have done more polishing, but it was merely a spew of consciousness), and I did write some poetry like things for Black Mask & Pale Rider.

But I also did some artwork.  Mostly it was drawing from a copy of an image to see if I could get the proportions right.  I might try and do more, and I’ve been thinking about picking up a Wacom board at some point to help out.

The first image I did happened to be not of a character, but of a ship.

I did the image in RayDream Studio, and I plan on using that to create the characters as well.  Senia, Aria, Clarfax, Hardy, Jadda and others who appear in the book.

The first actual character I drew happened to be Captain Senia Felix.

I used Illustrator to draw the image, and might do some others using it, if I am not satisfied with what I come up with in RayDream.

Next came Shani.

I’d already drawn a similar image for Pania, and I think this one came out quite nicely.

There were a few others that I had done, but these two were the ones I was most proud of.  I’m hoping that in 2014 I’ll practice a bit more and maybe come up with some better drawings of my characters.


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