The Heroic League Project: Writing Teaser

09 Jan

“The word you’re looking for, Lieutenant, is Medusa,” Amanda said without hesitation. “In fact, THE Medusa.” She sat behind the desk with her hands clasped together like a doctor who was giving some promising news to a patient. “Lieutenant, perhaps you should sit down.” I snapped to reality (if you could call it that) and finally sat down again. Nothing in my military training prepared me for this. “I know you have a thousand questions, Lieutenant, and all will be answered in time,” Amanda said in her most reassuring voice. “As for me, yes, I am Medusa. It’s taken me a thousand years to be able to talk about what happened to me. I am the one who was raped by Poseidon. I was cursed by the gods and forced to live in exile. What isn’t true is that Perseus killing me.” She paused, smiling slightly as though she were thinking back to an old memory. “Though, the wordsmiths, scribes, heralds and bards did a good enough job changing the story to sound more heroic. They also managed to leave out the rather embarrassing event that took place to Perseus. Good thing he had children before meeting me.” She left that little tidbit of information up for interpretation, though I had a feeling I knew what she meant.

from my current writing in the Heroic League Project, Of Hawks and Kestrels.  Lieutenant Naomi Simonson (nee Running Cloud), is ushered into the office of Assistant Director Amanda, the second in charge of a branch of CSIS called The Paranormal Division.  Naomi and the man who escorted her, Timothy Michaels, are the only two humans who are members of the agency.  Naomi will eventually be given the code name the Grey Kestrel.  This takes place only a few months before the events in the book Canyons of Steel.


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